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Food Science

Original title in Czech: Potravinářská chemieFCHAbbreviation: BPCO_CHPAcad. year: 2018/2019

Programme: Chemistry and Technology of Foodstuffs

Length of Study: 3 years

Accredited from: 15.11.2002Accredited until: 1.9.2019


The bachelor study branch "Food Science" at Faculty of Chemistry of BUT represents an extension of the portfolio of bachelor study programmes and disciplines. Curriculum of the programme reflects high interest in the study of foodstuff science at Faculty of Chemistry of BUT. The curriculum enables both subsequent study in the two-year programme "Food Science and Biotechnology" and also employment in laboratories after the graduation. At the same time it reflects the needs of life-long education in the form of in-service education of chemists.

Key learning outcomes

Students will have theoretical overview as well as practical skills in the field of natural sciences that are the base for the study of principal subjects in the field of chemistry and technology of foodstuffs. Within the study programme the students can choose out of two study branches: Food Science or Biotechnology.
Graduates in the branch “Food Science” will be prepared to ensure the production of high quality and safe foodstuffs in food-processing industry. Their knowledge of chemical composition of food sources and of modern analytical methods will enable them to work in state administration control bodies.
The study branch “Biotechnology” offers more knowledge and skills in scientific disciplines that are based on instruction of modern biotechnological subjects.

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

The graduates acquire knowledge and skills in the field of chemical engineering essential for control of modern technological production processes. The obtained knowledge and skills are grounded in thorough education in the fields of inorganic, organic, analytical, and physical chemistry, physics and mathematics forming the foundations of the bachelor study program. The graduates are also provided with extensive knowledge in other disciplines closely related to control of modern food processing plants. The curriculum comprises courses in biology, microbiology, and biochemistry disciplines that are complemented with education in food processing technologies including food preservation techniques and in legislation background. To control production of healthy and safe foodstuffs, the students are also educated in healthy nutrition, good manufacture practice and basic food analysis. Moreover, the students are trained to develop practical laboratory skills. The graduates are supposed to work in production plants or in business sphere or in control bodies or research and development institutions; they can also apply to study master programs focused on food processing technologies, biotechnologies and related branches.

Entry requirements

Written entrance examination test checks ability/competence of applicants to study chemistry at university level. Applicants are given points for correct answers; a notional pass mark is applied to this examination. The applicants will be enrolled on condition of either successful passing the entrance examination or fulfilment of requirements for granting dispensation. Current information on admission regulations is available at


Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

1. year of study, winter semester
BC_CHI1Chemical Informatics Ics3winterCompulsoryClAcyes
BC_CHL1Chemical processes in practicecs1winterCompulsoryAcyes
BC_MAT1Mathematics Ics7winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BC_ACH1General and Inorganic Chemistry Ics8winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BC_BIOGeneral Biology and Ecologycs2winterCompulsoryExyes
BC_ZLTBasics of Laboratory Techniquecs1winterCompulsoryClAcyes
1. year of study, summer semester
BC_FYZ1Physics Ics6summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BC_CHI2Chemical Informatics IIcs4summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BC_MAT2Mathematics IIcs7summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BC_ACH2General and Inorganic Chemistry IIcs5summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BC_OCH1Organic Chemistry Ics6summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BC_ACH1_PLaboratory Classes in Laboratory Technics Ics3summerCompulsoryClAcyes
BC_FYZ1_PLaboratory Classes in Physics Ics3summerCompulsoryClAcyes
BC_OBTGeneral Toxicologycs2summerCompulsory-optionalEx1yes
BC_TEKTechnical Drawingcs2summerCompulsory-optionalClAc2yes
2. year of study, winter semester
BCA_ANC1Analytical Chemistry Ics6winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BCV_A3English for Chemists IIIcs1winterCompulsoryAcyes
BCA_FCH1Physical Chemistry Ics6winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BCT_OCH2Organic Chemistry IIcs6winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BCA_ANC1_PLaboratory Classes in Analytical Chemistry Ics3winterCompulsoryClAcyes
BCA_FCH1_PLaboratory Classes in Physical Chemistry Ics3winterCompulsoryClAcyes
BCT_EMTMeasuring Techniquecs4winterCompulsory-optionalAc,Ex1yes
BCT_ACH2_PLaboratory Classes in Inorganic Chemistry IIcs3winterCompulsory-optionalClAc1yes
2. year of study, summer semester
BCA_ANC2Analytical Chemistry IIcs6summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BCV_A4English for Chemists IV (B1+)cs3summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BCA_BCH1Biochemistry Ics4summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BCA_FCH2Physical Chemistry IIcs6summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BCA_MCHMacromolecular Chemistrycs3summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BCA_ANC2_PLaboratory Classes in Analytical Chemistry II cs3summerCompulsoryClAcyes
BCA_FCH2_PLaboratory Classes in Physical Chemistry IIcs3summerCompulsoryClAcyes
BCT_OCH_PLaboratory Classes in Organic Chemistrycs3summerCompulsoryClAcyes
BCA_LSP1Laboratory project Ics2summerCompulsory-optionalClAc1yes
BCO_ODP_PTechnical Practices - PCHcs4summerCompulsory-optionalAc1yes
BCA_ISOSystem of Quality Assurance and ISO Standardscs2summerCompulsory-optionalClAc1yes
3. year of study, winter semester
BCO_ACP1Food Analysis Ics4winterCompulsoryExyes
BCO_BIT1Biotechnology Ics4winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BCA_CHI1Chemical Engineering Ics6winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BCO_CHP1Food Chemistry Ics4winterCompulsoryExyes
BCO_BCH_PLaboratory Classes in Biochemistrycs2winterCompulsoryAcyes
BCA_CHI1_PLaboratory Classes in Chemical Engineering Ics2winterCompulsoryClAcyes
BCO_MIB_PLaboratorry Classes in Microbiologycs2winterCompulsoryAcyes
BCO_ZPTFundamentals of Foodstuff Technologiescs4winterCompulsoryExyes
BCO_BIO1Bioengineering Ics4winterCompulsory-optionalAc,Ex1yes
BCO_MOG1Molecular Genetics Ics4winterCompulsory-optionalEx1yes
BCA_LSP2Laboratory project - MA IIcs4winterCompulsory-optionalClAc2yes
BCA_UBP_PCHIntroduction to Bachelor Thesis - PCHcs2winterCompulsory-optionalClAc2yes
3. year of study, summer semester
BCO_BAPBachelor Thesiscs12summerCompulsoryAcyes
BCA_CHI2Chemical Engineering IIcs6summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BCO_ACP_PLaboratory Classes in Analytical Chemistry of Foodcs3summerCompulsoryClAcyes
BCA_CHI2_PLaboratory Classes in Chemical Engineering IIcs2summerCompulsoryClAcyes
BCO_PUPPrinciples of Food Preservationcs4summerCompulsoryExyes
BCO_BCHHome chemistrycs2summerCompulsory-optionalClAc1yes
BCO_KCHChemistry of Cosmetics cs4summerCompulsory-optionalEx1yes
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Gr. Min. credits Courses