Right at the centre:
Pod Palackého vrchem

If you enjoy busy student life and want to have school, refectories and sports ground at hand... choose dormitories Pod Palackého vrchem. They are part of university campus and can provide accommodation for ∼2 500 students – in rooms with 1/2/3 beds with own bathroom, toilet and kitchenette.

Up to 10 min. on foot to FEEC, FBM, FME, FCH and IFE

Ideal for FME students:
Purkyňovy dormitories

They are quite close to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME) and main campus. You can choose from double or triple rooms, that have shared kitchenette, showers and toilets on the floor.

Up to 5 min. on foot to FME and FEEC.
Purkynovy koleje

Few minutes from city center:
Listovy dormitories

Are you going to study at the Faculty of Civil Engineering (FCE) and want to live nearby? These dormitories called „Listovky“ are the ones to choose. Single and double rooms have shared sanitary facilities and kitchenette. Within five minutes by tram (in Brno called "šalina") you are in the city center.

Up to 5 min. on foot to FCE and up to 20 min. by public transport to FFA and FA.
Listovy koleje

Some like it quiet:
Mánesovy dormitories

Even though these dormitories are near busy campus, it is much more relaxed here. Smaller Mánesovy dormitories can accommodate 266 students om single and double rooms, where two rooms have a shared bathroom and toilet. On each floor you can show your cooking skills in a shared kitchenette. 

Up to 10 min. on foot to FCH, FME, FEEC, FBM and IFE.
Mánesovy koleje

Privacy for IT's:
Penzion Starý pivovar

Right in the areal of the Faculty of Information Technology you can find a nice private accommodation – in 31 single rooms a two double rooms. Sanitary facilities are shared by two adjacent rooms. Kitchenette is on each floor and some rooms have their own. 

Up to 1 min. on foot to FIT.
Starý pivovar

Like being at home:
Rezidence Erasmus

Especially for academic staff we have five fully equipped single and double flats with kitchenette and balcony or terraces in newly built residential house Erasmus. Parking place in garage, cellar, fee for energies and internet connection are all included in rent payment.

Up to 5 min. on foot to FCE and 10 min. by public transport to FFA.

Refectories and restaurants


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