Branch Details

Building Material Engineering

FASTAbbreviation: MAcad. year: 2018/2019

Programme: Civil Engineering

Length of Study: 1.5 years

Accredited from: 25.7.2007Accredited until: 31.8.2023


The Building Material Engineering branch of the trimestral consecutive master’s study programme Civil Engineering follows on from four-year bachelor’s courses of a similar technical nature. During their studies, students will extend their knowledge of the latest scientific and technical findings in the field of Building Material Engineering.
During the first semester, students will acquire new theoretical knowledge that is a necessary prerequisite for the further development of their specialised knowledge and skills. Other specialised engineering subjects are gradually introduced to the syllabus and students acquire more detailed knowledge about new approaches to dealing with the issues of the field of construction and materials. In the last two semesters of study, the possibility of narrower specialisation is offered in connection with the selected topic of the master´s thesis and within the framework of common compulsory elective subjects.

Key learning outcomes

Graduates from the Building Material Engineering specialisation have gained highly specialised (theoretical and professional) knowledge in the studied field. They are capable of applying the acquired knowledge in the solution of problems within the given field of study. They have acquired knowledge regarding the rehabilitation of concrete, the durability of materials and economic aspects of production technology, management and marketing.
They are capable, within the scope of the skills they have gained, of independently solving even demanding specialised problems (the independent solution of complex engineering, technical and managerial problems in the construction industry), and are thus prepared for their engineering career in industry. Graduates are prepared, both theoretically and practically - through laboratory work - for managing the production of binders, ceramics, concrete, components and other building materials but also for utilizing their knowledge about the properties of materials during the realization and reconstruction of buildings.
Within the context of professional competence, graduates can find employment throughout the production technology field, dealing with the production of all kinds of building materials, or as quality or environment managers in construction firms. They are able to manage complex technical and specialised activities or projects and take responsibility for their quality. They are also capable of taking responsibility for the specialised management of individuals and groups.


Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

1. year of study, winter semester
CJ001Applied Softwarecs2winterCompulsoryGCryes
CV002Economy of Construction Industrycs5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
CJ002Composite Materialscs5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
CJ012Binders 3cs5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
CA003Mathematics 5 (M)cs4winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
CJ004Polymer Materialscs5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
CJ013Concrete Technology 3cs4winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
1. year of study, summer semester
BY002Intermediate Level English (exam)cs2summerCompulsoryExyes
CJ006Organisation and Management of Manufacturing Plantscs5summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
CJ014Glass Technologycs3summerCompulsoryGCryes
CJ015Technology of Rehabilitationcs5summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
CJ007Durability of Building Materialscs5summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
CJ057Engineering Technological Processescs5summerCompulsory-optionalCr,Ex5524yes
CJ051Assessing of Immovable Propertycs5summerCompulsory-optionalCr,Ex5524yes
CW056Theory of Measurement and Controlcs5summerCompulsory-optionalCr,Ex5524yes
CZ057Presentation Skillscs2summerCompulsory-optionalCr5526yes
CZ056Company Practice Psychologycs2summerCompulsory-optionalCr5526yes
2. year of study, winter semester
CJ008Diploma Seminar (M)cs5winterCompulsoryGCryes
CJ009Ecology in the Building Industrycs5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
CJ010Laboratory Tests of Building Materials and Components IIcs2winterCompulsoryCryes
CJ011Optimization of Building Materials Usecs5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
CJ059Theoretical Basics of Special Building Materialscs5winterCompulsory-optionalCr,Ex5528yes
CI059Basics of Management And Metrology in the Construction Industrycs5winterCompulsory-optionalCr,Ex5528yes
CB053Applied Physics (M)cs4winterCompulsory-optionalCr5529yes
CW053Special Machines and Equipmentcs4winterCompulsory-optionalCr5529yes
CD059Reliabilty Theory of Building Materialscs4winterCompulsory-optionalCr5529yes
CV058Economy of Investmentscs4winterCompulsory-optionalCr5530yes
CV064Marketing and Managementcs4winterCompulsory-optionalCr5530yes
All the groups of optional courses
Gr. Min. Courses
5524 0 CJ057, CJ051, CW056
5525 0 CV059, CV083
5526 0 CZ057, CZ056
5528 0 CJ059, CI059
5529 0 CB053, CW053, CD059
5530 0 CV058, CV064