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Biomedical Technology and Bioinformatics

Original title in Czech: Biomedicínská technika a bioinformatikaFaculty: FEECAbbreviation: BPC-BTBAcad. year: 2020/2021

Type of study programme: Bachelor's

Study programme code: X00000000000

Degree awarded: Bc.

Language of instruction: Czech

Accreditation: 26.9.2019 - 25.9.2029

Profile of the programme

Academically oriented

Mode of study

Full-time study

Standard study length

3 years

Programme supervisor

Degree Programme Board

Fields of education

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Study plan creation

Courses are evaluated according to ECTS credits. The credit expresses an approximate weekly student's workload for the course. Credits for a given course are obtained after the prescribed completion, i.e. after awarding a credit, classified credit, or by passing an exam under the conditions of the BUT Rules of Study and Examination, the internal standard of the Rules for Organization of Studies at FEEC and the composition and content individually defined in each course.
In a three-year bachelor study, the student must earn at least 180 credits in the specified credit composition:
166 credits in compulsory courses,
5 credits for elaboration, submission and successful defense of bachelor thesis,
4 credits in compulsory elective (PV) courses,
at least 5 credits in elective courses.

Obligatory courses are usually completed by the student in semesters and years as stated in the curriculum. If a student fails to complete a compulsory course in the prescribed manner, he / she must register it again in the following year of his / her studies.
During the study, students must complete two English courses (English for Bachelors, English for Electrical Engineering).
Elective courses extend the general knowledge of students. Courses are chosen by the student himself or herself from a full-faculty offer (FEEC departments) or from the other faculties of VUT (so-called free courses) and can pass them in any year or semester of bachelor study. Elective courses include Physical Education. If a student has not successfully completed an elective course, he / she may or may not write another academic year in the next academic year.
Students must obtain the corresponding electrotechnic qualification at the beginning of their study.

Professional experience length

Bachelor study programme requires professional practice at the length of four weeks (160 hours) in health institutes, companies or enterprises focused on health services, production, operation, research, sales and services of biomedical technology, bioinformatics both home or abroad. The practise is self-organized by the student and it has to be performed outside the regular semester (recommended is the summer period). The practise has to be performed before the end of the regular bachelor studies.

What degree programme types may have preceded

The graduates may continue in a master's study programme.

Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

1. year of study, winter semester
BPC-FY1Physics 1cs6winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-FYZPhysiology of Mancs6winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-MA1AMathematics 1cs7winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-ZAHBasics of Anatomy and Histologycs5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-ELSAElectrical Engineering Tutorialcs2winterOptionalCryes
1. year of study, summer semester
BPC-PRGAlgorithms and Programmingcs3summerCompulsoryGCryes
BPC-FY2APhysics 2cs6summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-MA2AMathematics 2cs6summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-PFYPathological Physiologycs5summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-MOLIntroduction to Molecular Biology and Geneticscs5summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-AN4English for Bachelors 2cs2summerCompulsory-optionalEx1yes
2. year of study, winter semester
BPC-ZSODigital Signal and Image Processingcs6winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-MA3AMathematics 3cs5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-SPEAHeavy Current and Equipment Electronicscs4winterCompulsoryGCryes
BPC-KMEIntroduction to Clinical Medicinecs5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-UMIIntroduction to Medical Informaticscs5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
2. year of study, summer semester
BPC-ABSBiological Signal Analysiscs5summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-OBFGeneral Biophysicscs6summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-RADRadiology and Nuclear Medicinecs6summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-ZLPHealth Legislation and Law cs2summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-ZSLMedical Imaging Systemscs5summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
3. year of study, winter semester
BPC-BEJBioelectric Phenomenacs5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-BSNElectronics and Biosensorscs5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-LDTAMedical Diagnostic Technologycs5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-BSESemestral Thesiscs1winterCompulsoryGCryes
BPC-UIMArtificial Intelligence in Medicinecs5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-ZPPBasics of First Aidcs3winterCompulsoryCryes
BPC-ETIHealth Ethicscs3winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-AEIEnglish for Electrotechnical Engineeringcs2winterCompulsory-optionalEx1yes
3. year of study, summer semester
BPC-BCEBachelor Thesiscs5summerCompulsoryCryes
BPC-PBTElectronic Systems and Measurementcs4summerCompulsoryCryes
BPC-MBMMaterials and Components for Biomedicinecs5summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-MBEModels in Biology and Epidemiologycs4summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
BPC-XBEPractical Trainingcs0summerCompulsoryCryes
BPC-PBIPractics of Bioinformaticscs3summerCompulsoryGCryes
BPC-STDStandardization in Medicinecs2summerCompulsoryGCryes
BPC-TPTTherapeutic and Prothetic Technologycs5summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
Any year of study, winter semester
XPC-AN3English for Bachelors - Intermediate 1cs3winterOptionalExno
XPC-EKEEcology in Electrotechnical Professioncs4winterOptionalCr,Exyes
XPC-IPDEngineering Pedagogy and Didacticscs5winterOptionalExyes
XPC-KATConversation through Hot Current Issuescs3winterOptionalCr,Exyes
XPC-KPTCulture of Speech and the Generation of Textscs5winterOptionalCryes
XPC-LADLaboratory Didacticscs0winterOptionalCryes
XPC-PEPPedagogical Psychologycs5winterOptionalExyes
XPC-POUDouble-Entry Bookkeepingcs4winterOptionalExyes
BPC-ORSPsychological Seminar of Personality Development and Self-realizationcs3winterOptionalCryes
Any year of study, summer semester
XPC-AN3English for Bachelors - Intermediate 1cs3summerOptionalExno
XPC-ELBSafety in Electrical Engineeringcs2summerOptionalExyes
BPA-POPComputers and Programmingen4summerOptionalGCryes
XPC-IPDEngineering Pedagogy and Didacticscs5summerOptionalExyes
XPC-KATConversation through Hot Current Issuescs3summerOptionalCr,Exyes
XPC-KPTCulture of Speech and the Generation of Textscs5summerOptionalCryes
XPC-LADLaboratory Didacticscs0summerOptionalCryes
XPC-PEPPedagogical Psychologycs5summerOptionalExyes
XPC-POUDouble-Entry Bookkeepingcs4summerOptionalExyes
BPC-ORSPsychological Seminar of Personality Development and Self-realizationcs3summerOptionalCryes
XPC-PZESelected Topics of Electrical Engineering in Englishcs3summerOptionalGCryes
All the groups of optional courses
Gr. Min. credits Courses
1 2 BPC-AN4