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Company Management and Economics

Original title in Czech: Řízení a ekonomika podnikuFPAbbreviation: DSP-ŘEP-KSAcad. year: 2017/2018

Programme: Economics and Management

Length of Study: 4 years

Accredited from: Accredited until: 1.11.2019


Doctoral education provides to the graduates with Master's degree in the field of company management and economics higher level of education deepening theoretical knowledge.
The aim of doctoral study branch is to teach methods of scientific work.

Key learning outcomes

A graduate of doctoral study is capable of independent scientific, research and directive work.
He is ready to tackle challenging conceptual, research and development problems in management and economics. He is able to carry out research, development and production independently in practice.
Graduate can find fulfilment as a creative worker at leading research centers, as a leader of research and development teams, as a research worker and teacher at universities. Graduates of this program may also occupy high positions in some of the larger institutions and companies that require the ability to work creatively and independently, to analyze complex problems and propose a new and original solutions.

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

Graduates can find fulfilment as academic worker at economically oriented faculties, as a research worker in research organizations focused on economic and business research. Graduates will be able to focus on the economics of enterprise in all its contexts, a top company management, executive management, marketing, logistics in accordance with the approved program and course.

Entry requirements

Listed below are the minimum admission requirements:
" an appropriate Master's degree
" submission of an essay on the applicant's expected thesis topic,
" an approval by the expected supervisor,
" the passing of an entry exam,
" knowledge of the English or German language at level B1 or higher.


Issued topics of Doctoral Study Program

  1. Branch and process solutions in ERP systems

    Topic is focused on the analysis of requirements for the development and realisation of branch and process solutions in ERP systems and their practical application in the industrial enterprises.

    Tutor: Sodomka Petr, doc. Ing., Ph.D., MBA

  2. Business and Marketing Strategy of the Companies in the framework of Globalization

    Thesis should be oriented to survey the new knowledge in the area of business and marketing strategy with respect to differences of the markets in outline and specific conditions, utilized methods, tools and possibilities of its utilisation and implementation in environment of globalisation.

    Tutor: Šimberová Iveta, doc. PhDr., Ph.D.

  3. Contemporary development financial derivatives and their use in financing business corporations

    The aim of this dissertation is analysis of contemporary developments financial derivatives and methods of their using in the business sector and suggest methods of possible practical use in financing of commercial corporations.

    Tutor: Rejnuš Oldřich, prof. Ing., CSc.

  4. Creating a model for measuring the performance in the creative industries

    Creative industries is one of National Research priority areas, new creative branches come into being through a combination of artistic disciplines and creative technologies. The aim of the work is to design a model for measuring the performance in the creative industries based on existing approaches, which, drawing on the synergy between possible approaches, will be better suited for measuring performance in these industries.

    Tutor: Kocmanová Alena, prof. Ing., Ph.D.

  5. Creation of a methodology of transfer pricing for selected category of enterprises

    The aim of the dissertation thesis is to develop a suitable methodology for determining transfer prices for selected category of enterprises.

    Tutor: Brychta Karel, doc. Ing. Mgr., Ph.D.

  6. Customer experience concept (CX) – its nature and deployment in strategic marketing

    Customer experience concept (CX) i s one of the most modern marketing approaches – it is based on analysis of buying behaviour. The aim of the study of this area is critical analysis of up-to-date approaches in CX management and discussion of most promissing ways that would help in the development of strategic marketing of companies.

    Tutor: Chalupský Vladimír, doc. Ing., CSc., MBA

  7. Determination of the key success factors for CI and how they are assessed using Tovek Application Tools.

    The aim of this dissertation thesis will be determination of key success factors of CI as a modern tool of the strategic decision-making process in enterprises. The research will be conducted mainly on czeck companies. The acquired results will be subject of critical analysis on its plausibility on specific market in Czech Republic.

    Tutor: Bartes František, doc. Ing., CSc.

  8. Effects of public investment on the performance of enterprises

    The aim of thesis is to investigate the possible effects of public investment on the performance of an enterprise in certain sectors of the Czech economy. Our initial consideration is whether public investment causes a deformation in the marketplace, thereby affecting businesses. Alongside the use of publically available secondary data is expected the use of primary data from surveys to be completed by enterprises in the chosen sector.

    Tutor: Lajtkepová Eva, doc. Ing., Ph.D.

  9. Enterprise information systems and effective management of their life cycle

    Topic is focused on the analysis of the conditions for effective management of individual phases of the enterprise information system's life cycle.

    Tutor: Sodomka Petr, doc. Ing., Ph.D., MBA

  10. Enterprise information systems and their practical applications for managing logistics processes and supply chain

    Topic is focused on the analysis of requirements for the management of logistics and supply chain processes and their practical application in the enterprise information systems.

    Tutor: Sodomka Petr, doc. Ing., Ph.D., MBA

  11. External and Internal Determinants of IPO Markets in Central and Eastern Europe

    The dissertation aims to investigate the relationship between IPO characteristics in Central and Eastern Europe and external and internal determinants.

    Tutor: Meluzín Tomáš, doc. Ing., Ph.D.

  12. Intelligence driven strategy of firm

    The goal is to design an intelligence-driven model of business strategy, to ensure that a higher level of competitiveness.

    Tutor: Bartes František, doc. Ing., CSc.

  13. Management of socio-economic sytem for Industry 4.0.

    Changes,  which needs the implementation Industry 4.0 shoul be described, structured and a model shoud be suggested.

    Tutor: Putnová Anna, doc. RNDr., Ph.D., MBA

  14. Market orientation concept utilization in strategic management of a company

    Market orientation is very popular managerial concept. The aim of dissertation is to carry out a critical analysis of both theoretical and practical approaches towards market orientation and to provide suggestions for new approaches to wise deployment of it in strategic management of companies.

    Tutor: Chalupský Vladimír, doc. Ing., CSc., MBA

  15. Measuring the impact of process management of production systems performance in industrial enterprises

    Change management process management organization and their influence in building the increasing level of competitive position. The competitive environment requires the need for change in the near future. For small and medium-sized enterprises to focus on measuring the performance of production systems in the application process management. Divide production systems focus on different types and thereby build a link to the activities of their creation processes and performance in the value chain.

    Tutor: Jurová Marie, prof. Ing., CSc.

  16. Models of Prohibitively Complex Decision Making Tasks Related to Investments

    Any large scale investment analysis is based on heterogeneous set of data / knowledge items. Moreover, there are severe information shortages. This is the reason why the resulting decision making process is based on vague, inconsistent and sparse networks of information items. An integration of such networks into a form of feasible decision trees is the final goal.

    Tutor: Dohnal Mirko, prof. Ing., DrSc.

  17. Performance Management of Innovative Companies

    Innovations are considered to be factor of increasing performance of companies. Thesis will deal about identification of the factors supporting innovations in firms, the performance of this firms and the management of performance.

    Tutor: Režňáková Mária, prof. Ing., CSc.

  18. Philosophy Industry 4.0 in Logistics Processes based on Robotics and Intelligent Enterprise

    Long-term experience in logistics from around the world show that good transportation network and sophisticated logistics processes setting helps to conserve and enhance the efficiency of the industry. Logistics is one of the pillars of the economy as a separate sector, without which the production process would not exist. Optimization of logistics networks is part of the competition and becomes the advantage as part of a healthy business competition applications, automation, robotics, and thus the intelligent enterprise.

    Tutor: Jurová Marie, prof. Ing., CSc.

  19. Strategic development of competitiveness on the base of value creation in the environment characterized as “Industry 4.0”

    Even though value creation has been considered natural element of the development of competitive advantage, contemporary interpretation of the environment based on so called “Industry 4.0” does create possibility to develop new approaches to company behavior, both in the context of theory and practice. Value chain and value system concepts should be re-evaluated in the context of new role of customer and new position of company.

    Tutor: Zich Robert, doc. Ing., Ph.D.

  20. The use of intelligence analysis to enhance business competitiveness

    Proper use of intelligence analysis increases the added value of processed information. This creates a better basis for the creation of corporate strategy

    Tutor: Bartes František, doc. Ing., CSc.

Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

1. year of study, winter semester
mvpDMethodology of Scientific Work cs0winterCompulsoryDrExyes
1. year of study, summer semester
merDModern Methods in Economic Decision-makingcs0summerCompulsoryDrExyes
1. year of study, both semester
tevDTheory of Economic Sciencescs0bothCompulsoryDrExyes
tevDTheory of Economic Sciencescs0bothCompulsoryDrExyes
2. year of study, both semester
RtmDTheory of Managementcs0bothCompulsoryDrExyes
RtmDTheory of Managementcs0bothCompulsoryDrExyes
RfmDFinancial Management of the Corporatecs0bothCompulsory-optionalDrEx1yes
RfmDFinancial Management of the Corporatecs0bothCompulsory-optionalDrEx1yes
RiktDInformation and Communication Technologiescs0bothCompulsory-optionalDrEx1yes
RiktDInformation and Communication Technologiescs0bothCompulsory-optionalDrEx1yes
RplsDProduction and Logistic Systemscs0bothCompulsory-optionalDrEx1yes
RplsDProduction and Logistic Systemscs0bothCompulsory-optionalDrEx1yes
RftDTheory of Financial Marketscs0bothCompulsory-optionalDrEx1yes
RftDTheory of Financial Marketscs0bothCompulsory-optionalDrEx1yes
RtmarDTheory of Marketingcs0bothCompulsory-optionalDrEx1yes
RtmarDTheory of Marketingcs0bothCompulsory-optionalDrEx1yes
All the groups of optional courses
Gr. Min. courses Courses
1 1 RfmD, RiktD, RplsD, RftD, RtmarD
1 1 RfmD, RiktD, RplsD, RftD, RtmarD