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Applied Computer Science and Control

Original title in Czech: Aplikovaná informatika a řízeníFSIAbbreviation: M-AIŘAcad. year: 2018/2019

Programme: Mechanical Engineering

Length of Study:

Accredited from: 1.9.2006Accredited until: 31.5.2021


The aim is to educate experts in the development and application of information technologies, designing, implementing and using elements and systems of automation with the use of state-of-the-art computing technology. Major focus is on issues of industrial production as well as on automation in non-industrial areas. Great emphasis is also placed on new and future-oriented approaches based on artificial intelligence. The graduates may find jobs at companies that design and develop information, control and regulation systems, create software products, sell programs and computers. Next they may find profitable jobs at organisations in various areas of human activities as experts in installing and operating means of automation, in building and operating information systems and systems supporting design, manufacture, marketing and economic administration. They may, for example, work as analysts, system engineers, computer network and information system administrators, system programmers, designers and operation engineers of automation and information systems, operators, or automation consultants.

Key learning outcomes

Mastering the practical skills required for the development and applications of information technology and for the design, implementation, and use of computer-based automation components is the primary objective.

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

The graduates may be employed as analysts, system or specialised programmers, administrators of computer networks, information and knowledge systems, specialists in designing and operating information and automation systems, and as consultants in automation and information technologies.
After receiving a Master's degree, students may continue their studies in a Doctor’s degree programme to receive a Ph.D. degree.


Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

1. year of study, winter semester
VZIMathematical Principles of Computer Sciencecs4winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
VMDMeasurement and Diagnostic Techniquescs6winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
VOBObject-Oriented Programmingcs4winterCompulsoryGCryes
FOAOperational and Systems Analysiscs6winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
VA1Control Theory Ics5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
VTIInformation Theory and Encodingcs5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
1. year of study, summer semester
VAIArtificial Intelligence Algorithmscs5summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
VDSDatabase Systemscs5summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
VSCNeural Networks and Evolution Methodscs5summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
VAUAutomatic Control Equipmentcs5summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
VA2Control Theory IIcs6summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
VABBuilding Automationcs4summerCompulsory-optionalGCr1yes
0PPVIndustrial Project (M-AIR)cs4summerCompulsory-optionalGCr1yes
XB0Work Safety in Electrical Engineeringcs5summerOptional (voluntary)Cr,Exyes
0PAAndroid Programmingcs0summerOptional (voluntary)Cryes
2. year of study, winter semester
VAPApplied Electronicscs5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
VEXExpert Systemscs5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
FSISimulation of Dynamic Systemscs5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
VTGGraph Theorycs5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
VVFControl Theorycs6winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
VPGComputers and Graphicscs4winterCompulsory-optionalGCr1yes
VPWProgramming in Windowscs4winterCompulsory-optionalGCr1yes
RAEEnergy Harvestingcs3winterOptional (voluntary)GCryes
VASPower Systems Automationcs4winterOptional (voluntary)Cr,Exyes
VRPRobots and Flexible Production Systemscs4winterOptional (voluntary)Cr,Exyes
2. year of study, summer semester
VTRAlgebraic Theory of Controlcs4summerCompulsoryGCryes
VD9Diploma Project (M-AIR)cs12summerCompulsoryCryes
VPPOptimization of Processes and Projectscs5summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
VPKComputer Communicationen5summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
VD8Diploma Seminar (M-AIR)cs4summerCompulsoryCryes
VFLFunctional Programming and the LISP Languagecs0summerOptional (voluntary)Cryes
2. year of study, both semester
7AZEnglish - Exam B1en0bothCompulsoryExyes
All the groups of optional courses
Gr. Min. courses Courses
1 1 VPG, VPW
1 1 VAB, 0PPV