Doctoral Thesis

Ionic microclimate of buildings in the architectural design

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Author of thesis: Ing. arch. Lucie Holopírková, Ph.D.

Acad. year: 2019/2020

Supervisor: doc. Ing. Miloslav Meixner, CSc.

Reviewer's: prof. Ing. arch. Hana Urbášková, Ph.D., Ing. David Eyer, Ph.D.


One of the main priorities of our society is to constantly increase the quality of life. Part of the new trends and technology is to optimize all factors affecting each individual in buildings at home, and in the work environment. Modern technology increasingly find inspiration in traditional materials and principles of architectural design. We can greatly affect the microclimate of buildings by suitable selection of material surfaces, ventilation systems and selection of structures that can affect the natural electromagnetic field of the Earth during the architectural design of buildings. And particular choice of the place where the building is located.
In this thesis I focus on Ionic microclimate, which may be an indicator of a healthy environment and has a major impact on humans health and psychological well-being. I would like to contribute to the healthy and harmonious living and designing buildings in consideraion of sustainable development by my thesis.


Microclimate, electro-ionic microclimate, negative ions, ionization of air, indoor climate of buildings, well-being, human health, human biofield, electrosmog, magnetic field of the Earth, constuction biology.

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Architecture (ARCH)

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Ing. David Eyer, Ph.D.

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