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Computer Science and Engineering

Original title in Czech: Výpočetní technika a informatikaFITAbbreviation: DVI4Acad. year: 2017/2018

Programme: Computer Science and Engineering

Length of Study:

Accredited from: 30.6.2007Accredited until: 31.12.2020


The goal of the doctoral study programme is to provide outstanding graduates from the MSc study programme with a specialised university education of the highest level in certain fields of information technology, including especially the areas of information systems, computer-based systems and computer networks, computer graphics and multimedia, and intelligent systems. The education obtained within this study programme also comprises a training and attestation for scientific work.

Key learning outcomes

  • Graduates from the doctoral study programme are trained to independently work in research, development, or management.
  • They are able to solve and/or to lead teams solving advanced conceptual, research, development, or production problems in the area of contemporary information technology and its applications.
  • They can be engaged to work on creative tasks, to lead research and development teams, or to work in management of companies or organizations whenever there are required abilities to work in an independent and creative way, to analyze complex problems, and to propose and realize new and original solutions. Graduates from the doctoral study programme can also teach and/or scientifically work at universities.


Issued topics of Doctoral Study Program

Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

2. year of study, winter semester
JADPh.D. Test of Englishcs0winterCompulsoryExyes
2. year of study, summer semester
JADPh.D. Test of Englishcs0summerCompulsoryExyes
Any year of study, winter semester
JA6DEnglish for PhD Studentscs0winterOptionalExyes
PDDApplications of Parallel Computerscs0winterOptionalExyes
FADFormal Program Analysiscs0winterOptionalExyes
MSDModelling and Simulationcs0winterOptionalExyes
MMDAdvanced Methods of 3D Scene Visualisationcs0winterOptionalExyes
MZDModern Methods of Speech Processingcs0winterOptionalExyes
TIDModern Theoretical Computer Sciencecs0winterOptionalExyes
ORIDOptimal Control and Identificationcs0winterOptionalExyes
PGDComputer Graphicscs0winterOptionalExyes
PBDAdvanced biometric systemscs0winterOptionalExyes
PNDAdvanced Techniques in Digital Designcs0winterOptionalExyes
PTDThe Principles of Testable Design Synthesiscs0winterOptionalExyes
SVDSpecification of Embedded Systemscs0winterOptionalExyes
DMA1Statistics, Stochastic Processes, Operations Researchcs0winterOptionalExyes
TKDCategory Theorycs0winterOptionalExyes
TJDProgramming Language Theorycs0winterOptionalExyes
APDSelected Topics on Language Parsing and Translationcs0winterOptionalExyes
ZZDKnowledge Discovery in Databasescs0winterOptionalExyes
DBM1Advanced Methods of Processing and Analysis of Imagescs0winterOptionalExyes
ZPDNatural Language Processingcs0winterOptionalExyes
ASDAudio and Speech Processing by Humans and Machinescs0winterOptionalExyes
Any year of study, summer semester
BIDInformation System Security and Cryptographycs0summerOptionalExyes
EUDEvolutionary and Unconventional Hardwarecs0summerOptionalExyes
EVDEvolutionary Computationcs0summerOptionalExyes
ISDIntelligent Systemscs0summerOptionalExyes
KRDClassification and recognitioncs0summerOptionalExyes
MLDMathematical Logiccs0summerOptionalExyes
MIDModern Mathematical Methods in Informaticscs0summerOptionalExyes
QB4Neural Networks, Adaptive and Optimum Filteringcs0summerOptionalExyes
SODFault Tolerant Systemscs0summerOptionalExyes
TADTheory and Applications of Petri Netscs0summerOptionalExyes
PFTDTheory of Financial Marketscs0summerOptionalExyes
VKDSelected Chapters on Algorithmscs0summerOptionalExyes
VPDSelected Topics of Information Systemscs0summerOptionalExyes
SIDSelected Topics of Software Engineering and Database Systemscs0summerOptionalExyes
VNDHigly Sophisticated Computationscs0summerOptionalExyes