Doctoral Thesis

Evaluation System of Thermal Condition Environment and his Measurement Uncertainties Analyze

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Author of thesis: Ing. Jana Košíková, Ph.D.

Acad. year: 2013/2014

Supervisor: Ing. František Vdoleček, CSc.

Reviewer's: doc. Dr. Ing. Pavel Němeček, doc. Ing. Eva Kureková, Ph.D.


The Ph.D. thesis deals with the evaluation of indoor thermal environment in which people are located. A great attention is paid to the thermal comfort. If a person in a given environment does not feel well, then makes mistakes. Thermal comfort is created many parameters that can be monitored and managed. These parameters include not only temperature but also other parameters such as the mean radiant temperature, operative temperature, humidity and air velocity and the draft.
All these parameters can be measured. The standard ČSN EN ISO 7726 is written how and what the parameters are measured. Furthermore, this standard provides requirements for measuring equipment. There are many professional measuring devices. Unfortunately, these devices are very expensive. Therefore are within the project GACR 101/09/H050 - Research on energy- saving equipment to achieve the quality of the indoor environment at our faculty developed sensors for thermal comfort, which have showed comparable accuracy measurements as a professional , but it will be cheaper than professional.
Knowledge of real parameters of the developed sensor thermal comfort environment is important, as with any other measurement devices, and also need to verified whether it has the required accuracy. In order to objectively sensors testing were developed two chambers - the testing and calibration chamber. The developed sensors were tested both in the open laboratory, and also in the test chamber. Then uncertainties measurement were calculated from the results of measurements
This work deals with the evaluation of thermal comfort, the measurement of parameters of thermal environment, the evaluating the results of measurements and determining the measurement uncertainty of the sensors.
In this thesis, based on these results, were recommended suitable sensors for measuring various parameters environment.


Thermal comfort, thermal state of the environment, the parameters of thermal comfort, air temperature, mean radiant temperature, operating temperature, globe thermometer, anemometer, measurement, measurement uncertainty, standard uncertainty, uncertainty, expanded uncertainty.

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Metrology and Quality Assurance Testing

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doc. Ing. František Bartes, CSc. (předseda)
doc. Dr. Ing. Pavel Němeček (člen)
doc. Ing. Eva Kureková, Ph.D. (člen)
doc. Ing. Miloš Hammer, CSc. (člen)
doc. Ing. Róbert Jankových, CSc. (člen)
doc. Ing. Branislav Lacko, CSc. (člen)
prof. Ing. Milan Pavelek, CSc. (člen)

Reviewer’s report
doc. Dr. Ing. Pavel Němeček

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Reviewer’s report
doc. Ing. Eva Kureková, Ph.D.

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