Master's Thesis

Local neighborhood mapping method for autonomous mobile robot.

Author of thesis: Ing. Jan Bjelka

Acad. year: 2006/2007

Supervisor: doc. Ing. Stanislav Věchet, Ph.D.

Reviewer: The opponent will be displayed after his opinion is published.


A fundamental competence of any mobile robot systems is the ability to self localization in an environment. For unknown environment there is need to combine localization with automatic building a map  to facilitate the localization process. Combination  of  these properties  is denoted as Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM). In this diploma thesis we focus on SLAM in indoors. In this paper some of  successful mapping method   states  too. Paper discuss problems for autonomous mobile robots such as  scanning the environment, odometry and building sensoric maps. Paper descriptions simulating tool for autonomous mobile robot  simulating  process.


Simultaneous localization and mapping, mobile robot, odometry, laser range finder, occupancy grid

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Result of the defence

Defended (thesis was successfully defended)




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Study branch

Engineering Computer Science and Automation

Composition of Committee

prof. Ing. Vladimír Vašek, CSc. (předseda)
prof. Dr.RNDr. Lubomír Smutný (místopředseda)
doc. Ing. Dagmar Janáčová, CSc. (člen)
doc. Ing. Lenka Landryová, CSc. (člen)
doc. Ing. Branislav Lacko, CSc. (člen)
doc. Ing. Ivan Švarc, CSc. (člen)

Reviewer’s report
Ing. Pavel Houška, Ph.D.