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Professional Practical Training

FAST-CW020Acad. year: 2018/2019

The professional work placement will involve active work by the student on the construction of a specific building or other structure, which will lead to the development of his/her specialised theoretical and practical knowledge. Students will carry out work directly on the building site during the construction process, in most cases in the position of an assistant site manager, and students will also work in construction planning departments. It is the duty of each student to keep a “Work Placement Record”. They are guided by a supervisor appointed from among the company’s employees who will give his/her opinion on the quality of work performed in a final evaluation.
The professional work placement is concluded at a final seminar where students acquaint their colleagues with the activities they performed during their practical training, including the presentation of produced materials and photos of the construction work they were involved in.


Institute of Technology, Mechanisation and Construction Management (TST)

Learning outcomes of the course unit

The aim of the professional work placement is to test students’ acquired knowledge in practice and provide them with further theoretical and practical knowledge concerning civil engineering skills, and with work experience. Students will gain experience in the real environment of a construction site and thus will expand their current theoretical knowledge. They will gain theoretical as well as practical knowledge and obtain experience with the performance of work as a construction site manager or assistant construction site manager and with practical operations in the area of the pre-production and production planning of structures. They will gain personal experience and will become better prepared for employment. They will engage in real work as a construction company employee and will gain a reference for their curriculum vitae.
During their classmates’ presentations at the final seminar, students will become acquainted with contemporary structures in the Czech Republic, their constructions and technologies, their financial and time requirements, specific conditions and construction methods.
By familiarising themselves with their evaluation by the host building company in their “Training log book”, students will gain feedback about their level of expertise, and other qualities.


Knowledge from the areas of construction technology and the planning and execution of buildings within the scope of the Bachelor´s study programme and the 1st year of the Master´s study programme in the Execution of Buildings study specialisation.


Continuous study in the area of building technology and construction execution.

Recommended optional programme components

Optionally, the topic of the student´s diploma thesis can be combined with the contents of his/her professional training. Students can address a selected part of the construction technology project conducted for the Specialized project (R) course based on the design documentation for the construction site where he/she will take up a professional work placement.

Recommended or required reading

Not applicable.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

This part of the student’s education takes place via a professional work placement at a construction company. Students on a work placement are led by a supervisor – a specialized company employee –who keeps records regarding each student’s progress over the course of the training period, and each student will prepare a presentation about their work placement for the final seminar.

Assesment methods and criteria linked to learning outcomes

The students’ progress during their professional work placement, their presence at the construction site and the activities performed by them are monitored by inspectors from the supervising institute.
A condition for the acquisition of the graded credit is the fulfilment of tasks set during the ten-week professional work placement, the submission of a completed and verified “Work Placement Record”, participation in the final seminar and the presentation of the main aspects of the student’s wor

Language of instruction


Work placements

The subject Professional Work Placement is a compulsory ten-week work placement at leading building companies for students of the Execution of Buildings study specialisation. The arrangement of the students´ professional training takes place on a contractual basis. The supervising institute supervises the course of the professional training.


Verification and application of knowledge acquired in the course of study,
gaining of practical experience with the construction realization,
presumption for faster adaptation at starting in the job,
creation of conditions for professional growth and advancement in the higher management positions,
building companies will proof the knowledge and skills of the student for further possible cooperation.

Specification of controlled education, way of implementation and compensation for absences

Extent and forms are specified by guarantor’s regulation updated for every academic year.

Classification of course in study plans

  • Programme N-P-E-SI (N) Master's

    branch R , 1. year of study, summer semester, 7 credits, compulsory

  • Programme N-P-C-SI (N) Master's

    branch R , 1. year of study, summer semester, 7 credits, compulsory

  • Programme N-K-C-SI (N) Master's

    branch R , 1. year of study, summer semester, 7 credits, compulsory

Type of course unit


Field training

1200 hours, compulsory

Teacher / Lecturer


Students will commence their ten-week professional work placement after the end of the summer semester exam period of the first year of study, always according to the dates of the academic year.