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E3CAR Nanoelectronics for an Energy Efficient Electrical Car

Duration: 01.03.2009 — 29.02.2012

On the project

E3CAR Nanoelectronics for an Energy Efficient Electrical Car project is financed by the EC in 16,7% and by the Czech national contribution in 83,3%. E3CAR project is researched in the international consortium and sponsored by the ENIAC JOINT UNDERTAKING platform in SUB-PROGRAMME 2, 4 Semiconductor, Automotive, Industrial, Avionics. The objective of the project is the development of nanoelectronics technologies, devices, circuits architectures and modules for electrical cars/vehicles and demonstration of these modules in a final systems. The E3Car project aims to increase energy efficiency in the mobility of more than 35% compared with the existing technologies. This will have as effect a significant primary energy saving, a relavant rawmaterial saving, and a drasical reduction of CO2 levels up to a true zero emission mobility by enabling the utilization of solar energy for the majority of daily duty. The E3Car project aims at creating a breakthrough in the development of nanoelectronic technologies, devices, miniaturized sub systems for the next generation electric vehicles and accelerates the commercialising of the electric vehicles/cars segment. The project objectives are highly relevant and address the target activities described by ENIAC Annual Work Programme 2008 under two Sub-Programmes: SP2 - Nanoelectronics for Transport & Mobility and SP4 - Nanoelectronics for Energy & Environment. In this context the focus of the E3Car project will be on power and high voltage electronics/nanoelectronics and smart miniaturized systems for electrical cars by developing power and high voltage technologies, devices and circuits for power conversion, energy recovery, power management (managing the energy flow between batteries and super-capacitors, and between the batteries/storage systems and the electrical engine), power train, grid connection and electronic systems for increased flexibility and faster upgrades. The miniaturised systems (System-in-Package) will incorporate smart power control logic including with Non Volatile Memory, to allow for power train regime optimization under different traffic and environment conditions using different sensors.

Description in Czech
Projekt E3CAR Nanoelektronika pro energeticky účinné elektrické vozidlo s národním příspěvkem 83,3% a příspěvkem EC 16,7%. Projekt E3CAR je řešený v mezinárodním konsorciu s financováním EU v platformě ENIAC JOINT UNDERTAKING, SUB-PROGRAMME 2, 4 Semiconductor, Automotive, Industrial, Avionics. Předmětem projektu je výzkum a vývoj nanoelektronických technologií, součástek, obvodových architektur a modulů pro elektrické automobily a vozidla a demonstrace těchto modulů v konečném systému.

Nanoelectronics, Energy Efficient, Electrical Car, Power

Key words in Czech
Nanoelektronika, energeticky úsporný, elektrický automobil, příkon



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People responsible

Vrba Radimír, prof. Ing., CSc.
- hlavní řešitel (2009-02-15 - not assigned)


Department of Power Electrical and Electronic Engineering
- (2009-04-01 - not assigned)
Department of Control and Instrumentation
- (2011-01-15 - not assigned)
Department of Microelectronics
- (2009-04-01 - not assigned)

Funding resources

Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy ČR - Společné technologické iniciativy
- part funder (2009-03-01 - 2012-02-29)


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