doc. Ing.

Jiří Hošek


FEEC, UTKO – associate professor

+420 54114 6957

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doc. Ing. Jiří Hošek, Ph.D.


Consulting hours

Wednesday, 10:00 - 11:00,

Supervised courses

CKOMCommunication technology
English, winter, FEEC, UTKO

* Valid data for academic year 2018/2019

Lectured courses

CKOMCommunication technology
Computer exercise, Lecture, English, winter, FEEC, UTKO
MKPMMobile Network Communication Systems
Lecture, Czech, winter, FEEC, UTKO

* Valid data for academic year 2018/2019

Graduated Ph.D. Students

Ing. Pavel Mašek, Ph.D. (2017)
thesis topic: Methodology of Mobile Network Access for M2M Devices

* FEEC students since 2001

Current Ph.D. Students

Ing. Rastislav Červenák
thesis topic: QoE Optimization for Multimedia Services in Future Generation of Mobile Networks

Ing. Kryštof Zeman
thesis topic: Interoperability and secure data sharing between the components of Internet of Things ecosystem

Mgr. Dalibor Uhlíř
thesis topic: Economic model for network resource management in mobile network

Ing. Martin Štůsek
thesis topic: Design and Verification of Secure Communication Platform for Wearables within 5G Ecosystem

Mgr. Ing. Pavel Šeda
thesis topic: Research on Reliability and Security of Communication Architectures for Consumer and Industrial IoT Applications

Ing. Jiří Pokorný
thesis topic: Design of Modern IP Sophisticated Telematic Systems in Transport

PhDr. Jan Krejčí
thesis topic: Methodology for Efficient Transmission of M2M Data within the Industry 4.0 Communication Infrastructure

Ing. Dominik Kováč
thesis topic: Adaptive QoE-optimized Network Traffic Management Strategy for Onlilne VIdeo Streaming Services