doc. Ing.

Jan Mikulka


FEKT, UTEE – associate professor

+420 54114 6292

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doc. Ing. Jan Mikulka, Ph.D.


Supervised courses

HMVAMeasurement in Electrical Engineering
Czech, winter, FEEC, UTEE

* Valid data for academic year 2017/2018

Lectured courses

JELEElectrical Engineering for Audio Engineering
Computer exercise, Czech, summer, FEEC, UTEE
HMVAMeasurement in Electrical Engineering
Lecture, Exercise, Czech, winter, FEEC, UTEE
KMVAMeasurement in Electrical Engineering
Laboratory exercise, Lecture, Czech, winter, FEEC, UTEE
BMVAMeasurement in Electrical Engineering
Lecture, Czech, winter, FEEC, UTEE
JMVAElectrical Measurement for Audio Engineering
Laboratory exercise, Czech, winter, FEEC, UTEE
BSCPThe C++ Programming Language
Projects, Czech, summer, FEEC, UTEE

* Valid data for academic year 2017/2018

* FEEC students since 2001

Current Ph.D. Students

Ing. Jiří Sliž
thesis topic: Advanced image processing methods

Ing. Pavel Křepelka
thesis topic: Methodology Development of Subject Delimitation of Microbial Colonies

Ing. Daniel Chalupa
thesis topic: Quantitative evaluation of the functional state of brain tissue via PET/MR

Ing. Jan Dušek
thesis topic: Fast reconstruction of electrical impedance tomography