doc. PhDr.

Iveta Šimberová


FBM – Vice-dean

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doc. PhDr. Iveta Šimberová, Ph.D.

Curriculum vitae

Education and academic qualification



Mgr. (Master degree at Komensky University, Faculty of Art, area Sociology)


PhDr. (Doctorate degree at Masaryk University, Faculty of Art, area Sociology)


PhD. degree at Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Business and Management, area Economics and Management of Company.

Thesis: Utilisation of Principles of Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS) for Development of Company.


Doc. ( degree at Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Business and Management from area Economics and Management

Title of habilitation work: Stakeholder Relationship Management on the Industrial Markets in the framework of Contemporary Marketing Concepts

Scientific activities


-       Marketing management (new marketing concepts, market orientation, stakeholder relationship management, marketing culture, measurement of  marketing effectiveness and performance

- Internationalisation of SMEs, International business

Research Tasks - Grants


Market orientation in high tech firms (GA 402/07/1483) - member of research team

2006- 2009     

International research project: Relationship marketing of small and medium         

Enterprises (Poland, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic)-member of research  team 



Internationalisation of  SME´s  in CR (GA 402/02/0106)- guarantor


Corporate culture in Czech firms (GA 402/02/0114)-member of research team


Institutional research: Research of strategic management of Czech firms (MSM 7800018)


Institutional research: Possible trends mechanical and electronical companies in the South Moravia region (MSM 7800017)


Alternative teaching of subjects on FBM BUT by foreign

(FRVŠ; FR 770859 T.O.CH)

Academic internships abroad

International Project Experiences and inzternational teaching Experiences

·         IMPD (International Management Project Development) in collaboration with the Nottingham Business School, UK (1996-1998) - coordinator

·         Programme „Training of Management Trainers“ in collaboration with British Know How Fund and Lancashire Enterprices plc., UK (1995-1998) - assistent

·         MBA (Master and Business Administration) in collaboration with the Nottingham Business School, UK (1994-1996) – assistant of courses

·         “Economics Course” in collaboration with Katholieke Universitat Oostende Belgium – administrator of the course (1995-1996)

·         MBA Programme (Master and Business Administration) in collaboration with Dominican University of Chicago, USA (member of validation process team) – International MBA Programme Development

·         Erasmus mobility – exchange teaching (Riga University of Technology, Latvia; Tampere Polytechnic University, Finland, Metropolitan University of Leeds, UK, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania)

University activities

Membership of professional bodies:         

Brno Business School Board (1995-1998)

Board of Dean of the Faculty Business and Management (1995-1998) 

Association of the Management Trainers and Consultants (AMTC)

1997-1998 President of the AMTC

Czech Association of the MBA schools (CAMBAS)

1997-1998 Vice chairman of the CAMBAS

Board of the Universities (Rada vysokých škol) – member (1999 - 2002)

Academic Senate of Brno University of Technology - member (1999 - 2002)

Academic Senate of the Business and Management Faculty TU Brno – member (1999 - 2002)

Board of Dean of the Faculty Business and Management- member (2003 - 2008)

BA (HONS) Board - member (2003-2004)

Scientific Committee of PhD Programme (Company Management and Economics) at University of Pardubice  - member (2008- nowadays)

Academy of International Business  - member (2004- nowadays)

Boards of Study Programme:

Chairman (Board of Master Programme: Company Management and Economics, Corporate Finance and Commerce)- 2004 – 2008

Member (Board of Bachelor Programme: Managerial Informatics and Tax Consultancy) - 2004 – 2008