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Topics in Advaced Ceramic Materials

CEITEC VUT-DS215AAk. rok: 2020/2021

PhD course focuses on selected topics of ceramic materials science in terms of relations between the (nano) structure of advanced ceramic materials and their physical and chemical properties. The aim of the course is to expand the knowledge of PhD students in physical chemistry of advanced ceramic materials and the application of acquired knowledge in solving research problems associated with advanced structural, supraionic, foroelectric, ferromagnetic, semiconducting, catalytic and biocompatible ceramics.

Doporučená nebo povinná literatura

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Jazyk výuky


Osnovy výuky

1. (Nano) structure and diffusion in ceramics
2. Mechanical behavior of polycrystalline ceramic materials
3. High-temperature ceramic materials
4. Ceramic materials having ion or mixed conductivity
5. Crystal structure and ferroelectricity of ceramic materials
6. Ferrimagnetic ceramic materials
7. Semiconducting polycrystalline ceramic materials
8. Inorganic heterogenous catalytic materials
9. Biomaterials for bone tissue engineering

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