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Non-oxide ceramics

CEITEC VUT-DS208AAk. rok: 2020/2021

The PhD. course is focused on understanding of structural and functional properties of non-oxide ceramics. The major emphasis of this course is to extend the student’s knowledge and conceptual approaches. Major groups of non-oxide ceramics are described together with main processing steps. The basic approaches for a design of microstructure and composites are explained; related applications are revealed. This course includes a demonstration of non-oxide ceramic processing. The content of this course can be adapted for a PhD. thesis.

Doporučená nebo povinná literatura

Ceramic Materials - Science and Engineering, C. Barry Carter, M. Grant Norton, 2007, Springer Science + Business Media
High Performance Non-Oxide Ceramics I, Marion Hertel, 2002, Springer Berlin Heidelberg
High Performance Non-Oxide Ceramics II, Martin Jansen, 2002, Springer Berlin Heidelberg

Jazyk výuky


Osnovy výuky

1. Chemical and physical characteristic of non-oxide ceramic materials.
2. Carbides
3. Nitrides
4. Oxynitrides
5. Borides
6. Processing of non-oxide ceramics – specific aspects.
7. High temperature performance and mechanical properties
8. Microstructure tailoring
9. Design of composites
10. Structural applications of Si-B-C-N systems
11. Functional applications and new directions.
12. Experimental demonstration.

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