study programme

Manufacturing Technology

Original title in Czech: Strojírenská technologieFSIAbbreviation: D4T-KAcad. year: 2017/2018Level of course unit: Doctoral

Title awarded: Ph.D.

Level of qualification: Doctoral (3rd cycle)

Qualification awarded: Ph.D. in the field "Manufacturing Technology"

Specific admission requirements

The student must have finished a relevant field of technical science MSc study programme.
The admission procedure consists of the parts from applied mathematics and physics and a discussion on a topic related to the subject of PhD study programme.

Key learning outcomes

Doctoral study programme is dealing with manufacturing technologies mainly, such as machining, forming, welding, foundry and coatings, including automation of technological processes. It is a very advanced level of education achievable in the study course of Manufacturing Technology in the University. If the study is finished successfully, the academic title Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is awarded. This course is designed for students with high academic ability who show an aptitude to “fast track” to Chartered Engineer status, and to senior positions within the profession.
There is no selection in the specialization, but the research work belongs to the appropriate technology of production (machining, forming, welding, casting, etc).

Examination regulations, assessment and grading

Graduation requirements

final state examination, doctoral thesis

Mode of study

combined study

Programme supervisor

Branch (struktura předmětů s uvedením ECTS kreditů)

Year Branch Course structure diagram with credits
no. Abbr. Title (specialisation) Com. Opt. Tot.