study programme

System Engineering and Informatics

Original title in Czech: Systémové inženýrství a informatikaFPAbbreviation: MGR-SIAcad. year: 2017/2018Level of course unit: Master's

Title awarded: Ing.

Level of qualification: Master's (2nd cycle)

Qualification awarded: Ing. in the field "System Engineering and Informatics"

Specific admission requirements

Condition for admitting is obtaining a bachelor's degree and pass successfully the admission exam as well.

Profile of the programme

Professionally oriented.
The goal of the study program System Engineering and Informatics with specialization on Information management is to provide students with the bachelor degree completely university education with higher rate of among departmental. The graduates gain knowledge of management tools, systems approach skills and skills of application of modern information and communication technologies in solving complicated issues and proposal or using complicated information systems focused on economical and managing process.

Key learning outcomes

Graduates are equipped with the scientific management tools knowledge, skills of systematic approach and ability to apply modern information and communication technologies to solve complex problems and design and use of complex information systems with a focus on economic and managerial processes. Graduates are able to manage creatively the development of an application software in the field of analysis, process approach, design and management of information and communication technologies, communication with users including modeling and simulation of complex business processes with the use of artificial intelligence. Acquired knowledge, skills and abilities of graduates enable its full competitiveness in the inland and European labor market. The simultaneous knowledge of both the issues of information and communication systems, and economics and management is the graduates' competitive advantage. The theoretical knowledge is deepened by studying subjects of common basis of economics and management, as well as language courses and dubjects of general education.

Access to further studies

The graduates may continue in a doctoral study programme.

Examination regulations, assessment and grading

Graduation requirements

diploma thesis, final state examination

Mode of study

full-time study

Programme supervisor

ECTS departmental co-ordinator

Branches (course structure diagrams with ECTS credits)

Year Branch Course structure diagram with credits
no. Abbr. Title (specialisation) Com. Opt. Tot.
1MGR-IMInformation Management54660
2MGR-IMInformation Management501060