study programme

Architecture of Building Structures

Original title in Czech: Architektura pozemních stavebFASTAbbreviation: B-P-C-APS (N)Acad. year: 2017/2018Level of course unit: Bachelor's

Title awarded: Bc.

Level of qualification: Bachelor's (1st cycle)

Qualification awarded: Bc. in the field "Architecture of Building Structures"

Specific admission requirements

Candidates applying to study in the bachelor’s study programme Architecture of Building Construction must demonstrate knowledge and understanding within the scope specified by the appropriate directive of the Dean of FCE BUT, which requires them to have successfully completed their secondary education with a “Maturita” (final secondary school exam). Furthermore, students must successfully pass a talent test and a subsequent test of specialised knowledge composed of maths and descriptive geometry tests and an oral exam in which they must demonstrate their interest in the field.

Profile of the programme

Professionally oriented.
In accordance with the Higher Education Act (Act No. 111/1998), Act No. 360/1992 on the Professional Practice of Certified Architects, and with the Certification Code of the Czech Chamber of Architects, the aim of the bachelor’s study programme Architecture of Building Construction is to provide basic universal education in the field of the architecture of building construction that is appropriate to the first, bachelor’s degree level of structured study. Aside from its direct application in employment, this degree programme is also a prerequisite for the second, master’s degree level of study and the subsequent attainment of the title Ing. arch. In comparison with other schools of architecture in the Czech Republic greater emphasis is placed on providing a grounding in the realization of high quality buildings, in attention to architectural and engineering detail, and in the ability to translate the conceptual basis of a structure into the appropriate project documentation.

Key learning outcomes

Key learning outcomes include knowledge from the natural sciences (mathematics, descriptive geometry, information technology, mechanics, etc.), specialised subjects (building structures, public and industrial structures, urbanism, etc.) artistic subjects (the creative arts, etc.) etc.

Access to further studies

The bachelor’s study programme Architecture of Building Construction at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Brno University of Technology is compatible with bachelor’s programmes offered by other schools of architecture at Czech technical universities. In the spirit of the Bologna Declaration it enables graduates to continue their specialised studies in master’s degree programmes in architecture not only at Czech universities, but also at universities abroad.

Examination regulations, assessment and grading

Graduation requirements

bachelor's thesis, final state examination

Mode of study

full-time study

Programme supervisor

ECTS departmental co-ordinator

Branches (course structure diagrams with ECTS credits)

Year Branch Course structure diagram with credits
no. Abbr. Title (specialisation) Com. Opt. Tot.
1APSArchitecture of Building Construction60060
2APSArchitecture of Building Construction60060
3APSArchitecture of Building Construction56460
4APSArchitecture of Building Construction54660