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Power Engineering and Process Engineering

Original title in Czech: Energetická a procesní zařízeníFSIAbbreviation: B2323-00Acad. year: 2007/2008

Programme: Engineering

Length of Study: 3 years

Accredited from: Accredited until: 27.2.2011


Absolvent will receive deep theoretical knowledge and acquire basic practical information’s from branch of Power Engineering and Process Engineering. It will allow wide fulfillment as designers or operation technicians in power generation, chemistry industry and in institutions dealing with environmental problematic of different technological processes.

Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

3. year of study, winter semester
EJENuclear Power Engineeringcs5winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
EZEFundamentals of Power Engineeringcs7winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
EZPPrinciples of Process Engineeringcs6winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
EZDEnergy Sources and Transformationcs6winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
A4English 4en0winterCompulsory-optionalCr1yes
A6English 6en0winterCompulsory-optionalCr1yes
3. year of study, summer semester
FZPBachelor Project (B2323)cs7summerCompulsoryCryes
FMRMeasurement and Controlcs2summerCompulsoryCryes
FOZEnvironment Protectioncs4summerCompulsoryGCryes
FEEBachelor Seminar (B2323)cs2summerCompulsoryCryes
FSEDesigning of Thermal Power Plant Equipmentcs6summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
FSCDesign and Operation of Chemical Equipmentcs6summerCompulsoryCr,Exyes
FVEGeneration, Distribution and Utilization of Electric Energycs3summerCompulsoryGCryes
3. year of study, both semester
5AZEnglish - Basic Examen6bothCompulsory-optionalEx1yes
7AZEnglish - Exam B1en6bothCompulsory-optionalEx1yes
All the groups of optional courses
Gr. Min. courses Courses
1 1 5AZ, 7AZ
1 1 A4, A6