Branch Details

Production Systems

Original title in Czech: Výrobní systémyFSIAbbreviation: M-VSYAcad. year: 2019/2020

Programme: Production Systems

Length of Study: 2 years

Accredited from: 1.9.2009Accredited until: 31.5.2023


Branch „Production Systems (Double Degree) is guaranteed by the Institute of Production Machines, Systems and Robotics (ÚVSSR), Brno University of Technology and the Institute of Production Machines and Production Systems (IWP) at TU Chemnitz (Germany). Both partners, thanks to many years of close cooperation, have common background in research and teaching, which enables them to offer to students a wider spectrum of courses within the field of mechanical engineering production. This also allows for a wider graduate´s profile:

IWP provides the courses on properties of production machines, development of structures of machinery, forming technology and virtual reality;
ÚVSSR teaches construction of production machines, production systems and robotics

Key learning outcomes

The branch „Production Systems“ covers the problematics of design, development, construction, control, operation, retrofitting and diagnostics of machine tools and forming machines, industrial robots and manipulators and production systems made up of these machines. The objective is to provide the students with qualification needed for development, construction, control and diagnostics of production machines and industrial robots with application of the latest methods used in the specific field. Furthermore, to prepare them for design, installation and operation of various robotic workplaces and production systems. The concept of this study programme allows the students to obtain sufficient competences for cooperation in international development, design and construction teams.

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

successful graduates of the branch find interesting positions as planners, designers, development specialists, production engineers, staff of specialized testing rooms, dealers in companies engaged in development, production and sale of production machines, design and operation of production systems, but also as managers of production control in engineering or similar companies, that is, in companies dealing with development, production and sale of production machines, design and operation of production systems. Mastering a foreign language, meeting a different culture, high-quality theoretical education and broad universal basis of this application-focused branch of study ensure high adaptability of the graduates to all eventual requirements of their future professional career.
Institute of Production Machines, Systems and Robotics provides Doctoral study in the branch Design and Process Engineering, which offers the students a perspective for future scientific work. Successful graduation leads to the award of the Ph.D. title.


Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

1. year of study, winter semester
N7German for Specific Purposes Ide4winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
GDVDynamics of Machine Toolscs4winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
GRIQuality Managementcs4winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
GM0Design Methodologycs2winterCompulsoryExyes
G1SConstruction of Production Machines Ics6winterCompulsoryExyes
GVKCalculations and Simulation in Machines Designcs6winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
GA0Analysis of Machine-part Failurescs4winterCompulsory-optionalEx1yes
GMKModern Methods of Constructional and Strength Calculationscs5winterCompulsory-optionalGCr1yes
N5German 5de2winterOptional (voluntary)Cryes
0N1Technical German 1de2winterOptional (voluntary)Cryes
1. year of study, summer semester
8DN3Deutsch als Fremdsprachede6summerCompulsoryExyes
8D9BFertigungsprozessgestaltung (Arbeitsvorbereitung)de4summerCompulsoryExyes
8CZXDesign of Production Systemsde5summerCompulsoryExyes
8AEVIndustrielle Steuerungstechnikde5summerCompulsoryExyes
8D89Numerische Methoden für Ingenieurede5summerCompulsoryExyes
8BCLRechtliche Grundlagen der Ingenieurstätigkeitde2summerCompulsoryExyes
8D9AUmform- und Verzahnmaschinende5summerCompulsoryExyes
2. year of study, winter semester
GMPModule Project Ics5winterCompulsoryCryes
GPIComputer Aided Production (CAD/CAM)cs5winterCompulsoryGCryes
GPNProject Managementcs4winterCompulsoryGCryes
GPZIndustrial Robots and Manipulators Ics4winterCompulsoryGCryes
GTATheory and Design of Manufacturing Systemscs4winterCompulsoryCr,Exyes
GCKCzech Culture, Language and Industrycs6winterCompulsory-optionalGCr1yes
GNSGerman in Engineeringde6winterCompulsory-optionalCr,Ex1yes
0ZCAcademic Sources and Citationscs2winterOptional (voluntary)Cryes
2. year of study, summer semester
GZJDiploma Project (M-VSY)cs20summerCompulsoryGCryes
GMQModule Project IIcs4summerCompulsoryGCryes
GD1Diploma Seminar (M-VSY)cs8summerCompulsoryCryes
All the groups of optional courses
Gr. Min. courses Courses
1 1 GCK, GNS
1 1 GA0, GMK