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Municipal Engineering

Original title in Czech: Městské inženýrstvíFASTAbbreviation: XAcad. year: 2017/2018

Programme: Municipal Engineering

Length of Study: 1.5 years

Accredited from: Accredited until: 31.7.2020


The master´s study programme Municipal Engineering is aimed at the issues of urbanism and land use planning, public infrastructure, urban residential buildings, public service buildings, industrial engineering, economics in civil engineering, modern management, etc. The study programme includes theoretical subjects (for example physics, economics, information technology, etc.) in which students attain the necessary level of knowledge to manage the subsequent study of specialised subjects (e.g. land use planning, public investment in construction, etc.).
At the end of their studies, students independently produce a diploma thesis under the expert and methodological supervision of an academic staff member. In the thesis, students deal with a demanding, individually assigned, specialised problem. They then defend the thesis before a commission for the state master´s exam. A specialised discussion regarding the subjects covered in the study programme is evaluated at the same time as students’ knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge in the solution of technical problems in practice.

Key learning outcomes

Graduates from the master´s study programme Municipal Engineering are able to solve technical, economic and ecological problems connected with the maintenance of functional urban and municipal infrastructure and are capable of the creation and coordination of public infrastructure solutions, i.e. transport and technical infrastructure, open public areas, etc.

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

Graduates from the master’s study programme Municipal Engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Brno University of Technology gain knowledge in both theoretical and specialised disciplines. After completing their studies, graduates are maters with an education in engineering, technical subjects, economics and ecology. They are entitled to use the title “enginner“ (abbreviated to “Ing.”) before their name.
Graduates gain knowledge and skills that they can utilize during administrative work and when performing management activities in the preparatory phases of the investment process and engineering activities, in the obtaining of source data for land use planning, in the areas of planning, construction, reconstruction, maintenance and in the maintenance of functional urban and municipal infrastructure. They can find employment in posts requiring the ability to carry out specialised tasks within the public administration apparatus.
With regard to the wide range of subjects offered in the syllabus, graduates can also find employment with contractors (in firms involved in investment, engineering and design activities).
Graduates can subsequently deepen their specialised education within courses offered via lifelong learning.
After gaining the stipulated amount of work experience, graduates can gain certification as a technician from the Czech Chamber of Chartered Engineers and Technicians Engaged in Construction.
The aim of the course is not only to produce graduates who have mastered theoretical and specialised subjects enabling them to independently make decisions about and solve all complex problems connected with the maintenance of functional urban and municipal infrastructure, but also to offer the labour market graduates of interest to recruiters for posts in state administration due to their preparation for the test of special professional competence, which is essential in the graduates‘ future job and guarantees a sufficient level of knowledge in the areas of law, building construction and land use planning.


Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

1. year of study, winter semester
HV051Economy of Municipalitiescs2winterCompulsoryAcyes
AG008Monument Restorationcs4winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BH011Fire Safety of Buildingscs, en5winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
CS053Landscape Restoration and Stabilitycs5winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
CH016Saving and Building Adaptationcs, en5winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
XM001Construction Technology of Urban Roadscs4winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
CV080Public Financescs3winterCompulsoryClAcyes
1. year of study, summer semester
BY002Intermediate Level English (exam)cs2summerCompulsoryExyes
TG051Architecture of Engineering Constructionscs4summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
XT001Energy Resourcescs5summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
XM002Design of Pavements Regarding Security and Environmentcs4summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
CV075Regional Policycs4summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
CH009Sustainable Buildingcs, en4summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
XU052Database Systemscs5summerOptionalAc,Ex5605yes
XU051Project management IPMAcs5summerOptionalAc,Ex5605yes
CZ052Ethics in Businesscs2summerOptionalAc5606yes
CZ054Pedagogy for Engineerscs2summerOptionalAc5606yes
XZ057Presentation Skillscs2summerOptionalAc5606yes
CZ056Company Practice Psychologycs2summerOptionalAc5606yes
2. year of study, winter semester
XI001Diploma Seminarcs5winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
CM053City Transportationcs5winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
CV082Facility Managementcs5winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
XI051Municipal Engineering Projectcs15winterOptionalAc5608yes
All the groups of optional courses
Gr. Min. Courses
5605 0 XU052, XU051
5606 0 CZ052, CZ054, XZ057, CZ056
5608 0 XI052, XI051