Doctoral Thesis

Eddy Current Probe Design and its Application on Aircraft Composite Structures

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FSIDoctoral ThesisStudent: Ing. Marie Boháčová, Ph.D.Acad. year: 2017/2018

Leader: doc. Ing. Pavel Mazal, CSc.

Opponents: prof. Ing. Karel Hájek, CSc., Ing. Bernard Kopec, CSc.

This thesis deals with design of an eddy current transducer which enables non-destructive inspection of composite aircraft structures primarily carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) in areas of manufacture and maintenance. The design of the transducer is based on analytical-experimental approach and its electrical and mechanical parameters were optimized to ensure a good signal to noise ratio at the six composite samples. These samples contain artificial discontinuities in the form of various types of defects. These defects are simulating the various types of damage created in the aircraft structure, especially delamination or thickness changes of composite materials. The experimental measurements, data collection and non-destructive evaluation were performed during the period. The result of this work is functional eddy current probe, which is reliably able to detect some damage of the carbon composite structures to the depth of 3,9 mm.




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Study branch

Physical and Materials Engineering

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doc. Ing. Pavel Mazal, CSc.

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prof. Ing. Karel Hájek, CSc.

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Ing. Bernard Kopec, CSc.

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Composite structure, CFRP, eddy current, NDT, probe design, damage