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Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Alloys

FSI-9MNKAcad. year: 2020/2021

The course deeped knowledges in the sphere metallurgy of aluminium and magnesium alloys. An accent is given on theoretical problems of crystallization and on application of metallurgical measures for achievement of optimal properties of castings. An overview of particular production processes and ranges of their application is given. An overwiew of new, non-traditional casting methods and alloys is mentioned too.

Learning outcomes of the course unit

See objective


Basic knowledges of chemistry and metal science


Not applicable.

Recommended optional programme components

Not applicable.

Recommended or required reading

Roučka,J.: Metalurgie neželezných kovů, CERM Brno, 2004, ISBN 80-214-2790-6
Aluminium Casting Technology, 2nd edition, AFS,Inc. Illinois, USA, 1993, ISBN 0-87433-157-9
Aluminium Permanent Mold Handbook, AFS,Inc. Illinois, USA, 2001, ISBN 0-87433-250-8
Kainer,K.U.:Magnesium Alloys and Technologies, Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH, 2003, ISBN 3-527-30570-X

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

The course is taught through lectures explaining the basic principles and theory of the discipline.

Assesment methods and criteria linked to learning outcomes

Verbal exam

Language of instruction

Czech, English

Work placements

Not applicable.


The aim of course is to understand the topics of production of aluminium and magnesium castings.

Specification of controlled education, way of implementation and compensation for absences

Not controled

Classification of course in study plans

  • Programme D-STG-P Doctoral, 1. year of study, winter semester, 0 credits, recommended

Type of course unit



20 hours, optionally

Teacher / Lecturer


1.Properties and Characteristics of Aluminium Alloys
2.Crystallisation of aluminium alloys.
3.Metallurgicall processes, inoculation and modification
4.Modern methods of refining
5.Quality control of the melt
6.Casting processes and its application
7.Semi-Solid metal casting
8.Cast Composites
9.Casting defects, identification, influence on properties and reparation
10.Magnesium alloys, casting methods used by pouring magnesium alloys