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Selected Chapters from Theory of Civil Engineering

FAST-DR77Acad. year: 2020/2021

The subject of "Selected State of the Theory of Civil Engineering" is focused mainly on the problems of the technical solution of the transport structures in the basic structure - waterways, roads, railway constructions. Student will be acquainted with the basics of design of individual buildings, technical parameters, preparation of project documentation, problems of operation and current status.


Institute of Water Structures (VST-VST)

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Basic knowledge of structures of land and civil engineering.


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Course curriculum

1. Waterways – technical solution.
2. Waterways – building objects (weirs, sailing yards – outfits, rafts).
3. Waterways – Boats on the waterways of the Czech Republic (pushing ships).
4. Use of waterways, demonstrations of realizations in the Czech Republic and in the world transport model.
The subject aim is to deepening of knowledge in the field of the whole system of railway infrastructure, organisation and control of railway transport.
5. Road structures (classification according to the legislation, composition elements of the road structures, regulations, stages of project documentation).
6. Design of road structures (horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, width arrangement, road structure).
7.–8. Transport Engineering (surveys, capacity of roads, intersection capacity, traffic forecasts), transport model.
9. Railway infrastructure, railway track classification according to legislation, subsystems, the single European railway system (interoperability).
10. Design of railway infrastructure (track geometry parameters, the design of railway superstructure and substructure).
11. Subsystems Control and Command System and Energy (power systems, overhead catenary system).
12. Organization of rail transport, railway stations and junctions, network performance.
13. Final summary, linking the technical parameters of the constructions to the economic assessment documents.


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  • Programme D-P-C-SI (N) Doctoral

    branch MGS , 2. year of study, winter semester, 3 credits, elective

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39 hours, optionally

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