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Advanced bioanalytical methods

FCH-DCO_SPZAcad. year: 2018/2019

Lectures extend the knowledge acquired in the basic course will focus on modern trends in molecular diagnostics of microorganisms such as sequencing of entire genomes of bacteria, the use of molecular databases of proteins and nucleic acids.
Molecular databases of proteins and nucleic acids jejjich use. New methods of gene expression analysis using microarrays. Nekultivovatelnými analysis of mixtures of microorganisms using metagenomics.

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Theoretical aspects on foodstuffs processing


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Recommended optional programme components

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Recommended or required reading

Frontiers of Bioanalytical Chemistry. Heidelberg ; New York, Springer, 2013 , 299 s. (CS)
Manz A., Dittrich P.S., Pamme N., Iossifidis D.: Bioanalytical Chemistry. Imperial College Press, 2015. 256 s. (CS)

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

The course uses teaching methods in form of individual consultation. The e-learning system (LMS Moodle) is available to teachers and students.

Assesment methods and criteria linked to learning outcomes

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Course curriculum

Bioinformatic analysis, application of genotypic techniques, polyphasic approach.
Databases of DNA, RNA and protein structures.
Microarray analysis of gene expression.
Analysis of non-culturable microrganisms using metagenomics


Lectures proceed methods for food products processing

Classification of course in study plans

  • Programme DPAP_CHTP Doctoral

    branch DPAO_CHTP , 1. year of study, winter semester, 0 credits, compulsory-optional

  • Programme DPCP_CHTP Doctoral

    branch DPCO_CHTP , 1. year of study, winter semester, 0 credits, compulsory-optional