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Analysis of data from social networks


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Public health officials are faced with new challenges for outbreak alert and response due to the continuous emergence of infectious diseases and their contributing factors such as demographic change, or globalization. Only the early detection of disease activity, followed by a rapid response, can reduce the impact of epidemics. Conflictingly, the time with which information propagates through the traditional channels, can undermine time-sensitive strategies. Faced with these limitations, the M-Eco project will help to complement traditional systems with additional approaches for the early detection of emerging threats. Technologies related to the development of the Medicine 2.0, are rapidly changing the possibilities to assess and provide health information. These days, online media, weblogs, scientific and non-scientific discussion forums and direct electronic communication provide complements to the traditional reporting mechanisms. Importantly, the publication barrier for these types of user-generated content is much lower. In light of this, electronic media and discussion groups today are increasingly recognised as valuable sources of public health alerts. Awareness of diseases achieved through first-hand-observations and word of mouth can influence people's behaviour in a way that the risk of an outbreak and the number of infected people is reduced.

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social network, Twitter, detection of public health threats

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