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TASTE (Testability Analysis SuiTE) is a library of C++ functions allowing a user to    - create a structural model of digital design:         - Each design is represented by an object of clsDesign class. It is           planned clsDesign object could consists of one ore more objects of           clsCircuit class, each of them representing particular circuit within           the design. In actual TASTE version, only one clsCircuit object is           supported within a clsDesign object. The disadvantage shoud be removed           in next TASTE version.         - Actually, clsCircuit object consists of one or more modules (objects of           clsModule class) forming a structure and transparency behavior of the           circuit.         - Next version of TASTE will be extended to modeling of hierarcical           designs.         - Interfaces are assigned to clsDesign / clsCircuit / clsModule objects           by means of clsPort and clsBit objects.         - Interconnections among clsDesign / clsCircuit / clsModule object           interfaces are represented by means of clsWire objects.         - Example functions for loading necessary structural and transparency           data are implemented in (header file fileio.h).    - run testability analysis (TA) over the modeled design:         - Functions for saving TA results in html, LaTEX and plain-text formats           are offered in actual version of TASTE library and available only to           clsCircuit objects. However, set of similar functions can be easily           extended to more classes, formats etc.         - Optionally, it is possible to implement scan chains (popular design for           testability (DFT) technique) into the original structure of the modeled           circuit before TA is started. This can be, e.g., useful to study           impacts of the technique to testability parameters of the circuit.         - Further DFT techniques as well as algorithms can be built over TASTE in           a very easy way.

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digital, circuit, testability, analysis, scan, transparency, netlist, graph, model, searching, marking, reachability, library, component, template

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