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Many real life applications using energy harvesting system power are now practical. Wireless sensor network systems often benefit from energy harvesting power sources. For example, when a wireless node is deployed at a remote site where a wall plug or a battery is either unreliable or unavailable, energy harvesting can augment or supply power. In another example, a remote control node running on energy harvesting can be implemented as a self-powered electronic system. And in yet other situations, multiple energy sources can be used to enhance the overall efficiency and reliability of any system. This is a high efficiency step-up DC/DC converter that can operate from input voltages as low as 225mV. A 250mV start-up capability and integrated maximum power point controller (MPPC) enable operation directly from low voltage, high impedance alternative power sources such as photovoltaic cells, TEGs (thermoelectric generators) and fuel cells. A user programmable MPPC set point maximizes the energy that can be extracted from any power source. Burst Mode operation, with a proprietary self adjusting peak current, optimizes converter efficiency and output voltage ripple overall operating conditions

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Energy harwester, ugenerator, mikco generator,

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