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Standard thermodynamic functions (STF) of individual substances are given by thermal capacity at constant pressure, entropy and enthalpy. STF are continuous and smooth in every temperature interval in which no phase transformations take place. The temperature dependence of STF as expressed by the table of its values is for further application approximated by temperature functions. In the paper, a method is proposed for calculating approximation functions which, in contrast to the hitherto used approx., are continuous and smooth in every temperature interval. The approx. functions are determined by coefficients that are calculated by the least square method coupled with meeting the conditions set (calculation of minimum with equality constraints). To calculate the coefficients the values of STF derivatives with respect to temperature must be available in addition to the table of STF values. The values of the derivatives are established using cubic splines and the derivative of the interpolation polynom.

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standard thermodynamic function, thermal capacity, at constant pressure

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