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Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of electrical drives


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Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance task are actually usually realized on a separate hardware. This system has its own sensors and its own communication channels. This result shows an attempt to use the existing components in the system. Data for condition monitoring come from inverter controller sensors which are traditionally installed in electric drives, e.g.; phase current sensors. The other data sources are control process variables, e.g. controller outputs. None of them can directly point on faulty situation. The i2t condition indicator described in following subsection is a type of monitoring of specific repeating action. Equal or very similar load condition are supposed to be used for the individual scenario repetitions. Propagating faults can affect condition indicator output in that case. Various repeating scenarios can be monitored using appropriate triggers for enabling the condition indicators computation. The Park's vector method is based on the calculation of complex vectors of the measured currents in αβ- coordinates. The phase currents should be measured in a steady state at least during one mechanical revolution of the rotor. Subsequently, the phase currents are transformed into αβ - coordinates. Where i_α and i_β represent real and imaginary components of the Park's complex current vector. The module contains several functions, which include the conversion of process data into a form suitable for further processing, Park's vector calculation, averaging of the Park's vector and calculation of Park's vector pattern, total error calculation and prediction of the development of the total error. The block’s source codes are developed in MATLAB and/or MATLAB Simulink and their implementation into final application depends on the individual capabilities of the target devices in general. Direct conversion into C, C++, PLC languages is possible using Simulink Coder or PLC coder as it was tested in several applications.

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condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, PMS motor, Park's vectors

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Vysoké učení technické v Brně, CEITEC

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