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Master_Summer Laboratory Project-The Environmental Analysis

FCH-M_SLP_EAAk. rok: 2019/2020

This laboratory project will be focused on analysis of residuals in environment. It will be analyzed the residuals of different types of pollutants like drugs, musk compounds and pesticides in water samples (drink, surface water or wastewater). It could be also studied the possibilities of the removal or the degradation these compounds during water treatment. The topic of project will be in accordance with the research activities of Department of Chemistry and Technology of Environmental Protection.
For the sample preparation will be used the modern extraction and clean-up methods. The high-performance liquid chromatography or the gas chromatography with mass spectrometry detection will be used for analysis of target compounds.

The project will be realized by 1 student or by small student team (2-4 members). The project will begin with selection of the topic. The topic will be selected and specified in collaboration with supervisor based on the literature search. This step will be followed by the plan and performance of the experiments. The project will be finished by data analysis and results evaluation and interpretation. Students will prepare the final report.

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