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Information for incoming students


BUT provides good-class accommodation in modern halls of residence, mostly in double rooms. Each pair of rooms shares a bathroom and a kitchenette. Students can use the laundry rooms for minimum price. Foreign students are usually accommodated at halls of residence Pod Palackého vrchem at Kolejní street near the main university campus or at Mánesovy koleje at Mánesova street. There are many facilities available for students: fitness centre, gym, boulder centre, cinema, student club, bar, snack bar, post office etc. Students can also use a computer room, which is linked to the Internet. On the premises there are also, a library, a copy-centre and a CD lending office. A shop is supplied with groceries, stationery and drugstore goods. Complete information regarding accommodation can be found at:http://www.skm.vutbr.cz/Angl/Default.asp. It is necessary to book a room by a student before his arrival through internet: at: https://www.skm.vutbr.cz/Angl/SocratesKon.aspx?y=0708

For more information, please contact one of following addresses:

Refectories Administration:

  • Jana Kalousková kalouskova@skm.vutbr.cz +420541142903
  • Vlasta Kmoničková kmonickova@skm.vutbr.cz +420541142933


  • Pod Palackého vrchem - Renata Pavlicová pavlicova@adm.skm.vutbr.cz +420541142930
  • Pod Palackého vrchem - DiS. Jana Michalová michalova@adm.skm.vutbr.cz +420541142932