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Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning Institute

The BUT Lifelong Learning Institute's mission is to create communication, information, education, and coordination infrastructures enabling a systematic development of lifelong learning at BUT, to provide consulting, information, and organisation-related services and, through its own teaching and consulting activities, to make adequate contributions to the education and consulting provided by the BUT faculties.

The BUT Lifelong Learning Institute consists of the following sections:

  • Education
  • Educational-programme-related counselling
  • Student counselling
  • University of the Third Age
  • Humanisation of teaching
  • Organisational support

For more information visit the Lifelong Learning Institute website.

University of the Third Age (U3A)

University of the Third Age offers university courses (lectures, seminars, workshops) intended mostly for senior citizens.

This form of university education aims not only to improve specialist qualification of senior citizens (the knowledge acquired or degrees received are seldom needed for their jobs), but also to improve the quality of their lives, offering them intellectual activities and contact with younger generations.

The types and scope of courses offered by different universities are of a rather divers nature.  They range from single lectures to complete degree programmes studied along with full-time students. In the Czech Republic, universities of the 3rd age mostly offer thematic lecture series.

University of the Third Age

Staff Education

Education of Brno University of Technology staff is provided by the Institute of Lifelong Learning. Offered are English and German courses at different advancement levels ranging from courses for beginners to conversation courses taught by native speakers.

Next to the language courses, the BUT staff is also offered specialised career courses improving their personal and professional skills. The list of the courses on offer is subject to changes based on the current requirements.

Lifelong learning