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Final theses

Final thesis detail

Title: SPC implementation into production process
Type: Master's Thesis
Year: 2007/2008
Student: Ing. Richard Aberle
Leader: doc. Ing. Alois Fiala, CSc.
Opponent: The opponent will be displayed after his opinion is published.
Faculty: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Department: ÚMZ
Study branch: Quality Control
Language: Czech
State: Defended (thesis was successfully defended)
Characteristics of thesis dilemmas:
Not applicable.
Objectives which should be achieve:
Not applicable.
Causes and effects analysis, histogram of frequency, process evaluation, effect, Paret´s analysis, cause, process regulation, regulation diagrams, process variability, process ability.
This dissertation is to be considered with the exploitation of SPC method in the engineering production surrounding. The reason for the application was the need to remove and eliminate the production of different products and by this way to contribute to the satisfaction of client and to reduce the costs for poor quality products.
Within the implementation of own method has been used the access system, in order to achieve the maximally application efficiency.
Dissertation is being composed from three main parts – from the theoretic part, proposal of solution process and from the practically implementation.
QS-9000 SPC. ČSJ, Praha, 1999, ISBN 80-02-01293-3
The project is nut published in electronic format, it has been published in a paper form pursuant to the law and the rector's directive for the faculty.

Reason for concealment:
Not applicable.

Tip: a short reference to the final thesis is also: https://www.vutbr.cz/en/studies/final-thesis?zp_id=9789

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