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Final theses

Final thesis detail

Title: Residential House
Type: Bachelor's Thesis
Year: 2012/2013
Student: Bc. Tomáš Aberl
Leader: prof. Ing. Jitka Mohelníková, Ph.D.
Opponent: Ing. Hana Svatoňová
Faculty: Faculty of Civil Engineering
Department: PST
Study branch: Building Constructions
Language: Czech
State: Defended (thesis was successfully defended)
Characteristics of thesis dilemmas:
Not applicable.
Objectives which should be achieve:
Not applicable.
New- built family house, basement smaller than the house itself, residential attic, basement, single-family house, construction system, Porotherm, gable roof, roof without purlin system, roof clay tiles
It is about new- built family house, which is standing alone on edge of the village Troubsko u Brna. The building´s height and architecturally are designed to fulfill requirements of surrounding buildings. The building has a basement smaller than the house itself and it has residential attic. The basement serves as a garage for two cars. The rest of the house is conceived as a single-family house, for one family of for people (two parents, two kids). Construction system is made by brick block of Porotherm, including the ceiling construction. The house has a gable roof which is designed as a roof without purlin system. As covering of the roof serves roof clay tiles.
Not applicable.
Reason for concealment:
Not applicable.

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Classification by leader - prof. Ing. Jitka Mohelníková, Ph.D.:

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15262.pdf [.pdf] 76.47 kB B

Classification by opponent - Ing. Hana Svatoňová:

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Tip: a short reference to the final thesis is also: https://www.vutbr.cz/en/studies/final-thesis?zp_id=74869

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