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Final theses

Final thesis detail

Title: Mayer house - Děčín
Type: Bachelor's Thesis
Year: 2008/2009
Student: Bc. Roman Abraham
Leader: Ing. arch. Luboš Eliáš
Opponent: The opponent will be displayed after his opinion is published.
Faculty: Faculty of Civil Engineering
Department: PST
Study branch: Building Constructions
Language: Czech
State: Defended (thesis was successfully defended)
Characteristics of thesis dilemmas:
Not applicable.
Objectives which should be achieve:
Not applicable.
Mayerhof Decin, Block of flats, Porotherm, four - storeyed, slab - on - ground, ceiling Porotherm.
Bachelor work polyfunctional  buildingis „Mayerhof Decin “ executed in form of project documentation  containing all terms by valid regulations. Designed building is situated on houselot nb. 3729/1 in Decin,kadastral area Podmokly near the centre. Building is designed from construction system POROTHERM with one monolithic reinforced concreate roof, four stairs,  cellarless.Sun roof will be as twin shell. Facade will be powered facing brick Klinker. Downstairs will be use as office work for local company, the others upstairs are on the hotel accomodation.
Not applicable.
The project is nut published in electronic format, it has been published in a paper form pursuant to the law and the rector's directive for the faculty.

Reason for concealment:
Not applicable.

Tip: a short reference to the final thesis is also: https://www.vutbr.cz/en/studies/final-thesis?zp_id=45661

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