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Student associations

Student`s Chamber of the Academic Senate

represents students in the Academic Senate of BUT. The Student Chamber has two basic groups: one organizes free-time activities and the other one is the students’ contact point with BUT dormitories and dining halls - contact: kam@skas.vutbr.cz. or skas@skas.vutbr.cz.

Contacts on other BUT students organizations are

  • Student Union of the Faculty of Information Technology
    contact: st-unie@fit.vutbr.cz
  • Association of Students for Students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication
    contact: info@sps-fekt.cz
  • Student Union of the Faculty of Chemistry 
    contact: RSU@fch.vutbr.cz

Students’ Chamber of the Council of Universities of Czech Republic

  • A general representative of university students in Czech Republic  and a member of the Council of Universities of the CR
  • Represents students in contacts with municipalities and international organizations
  • Is a member of ESIB (National Union of Students in Europe)
  • Is involved in practically all affairs related to universities
  • Is a partner to Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
  • Contact: skrvs@skrvs.cz

ISC - International Students Club

organizes mainly free time activities for exchange students at BUT
Contact: info@isc.vutbr.cz


Best Brno (Board of European Students of Technology)

BEST Brno is the BEST branch of an international organization that provides  BUT students chance to go on short-term academic courses, training internships and participation in student engineering competitions EBEC.

Contact: brno@best.eu.org                                                                    http://best.vutbr.cz


IAESTE (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience)

IAESTE organizes training interships all over the world.

Kateřina Garguláková Katerina.Gargulakova@iaeste.cz

Web pages: http://www.iaeste.cz

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