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Study programme

Chemistry and Technology of Environmental Protection

Original title in Czech: Chemie a technologie ochrany životního prostředí
Abbreviation: NKCP_CHTOZP
Level of course unit: Master's
Faculty: Faculty of Chemistry
Academic year: 2017/2018
Title awarded: Ing.
Qualification awarded: Ing. in the field "Chemistry and Technology of Environmental Protection"
Level of qualification: Master's (2nd cycle)
Accredited from: 20.7.2001
Accredited until: 31.7.2020
Specific admission requirements:
Essential condition for acceptance is successful completion of a bachelor study program in the fields of chemistry or chemical technology. Applicants will sit for a written entrance test in chemistry. They are given points for correct answers; a notional pass mark is applied to this examination. The applicants will be enrolled on condition of either successful passing the entrance examination or fulfilment of requirements for granting dispensation.
Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning:
Not applicable.
Qualification requirements and regulations:
Not applicable.
Profile of the programme:

professionally oriented

Based on the latest scientific and research findings the study programme provides students with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the fields of chemistry and chemical production, chemistry and technology of environmental protection and it also develops students' abilities to apply the above in an active way. The graduates are supposed to work in the developing industry of environment protection and in all industries in the positions of ecologists, air protection specialists, water and waste treatment specialists, in civil service, in control authorities and inspectorates for environment protection, in laboratories specialized in chemistry and biology of environment and in numerous developing research and educational institutions for environment protection.
Key learning outcomes:
Graduates of the study programme Chemistry and Technology of Environmental Protection are thoroughly familiar with the fate of organic, inorganic and organometallic pollutants in the environment, both traditional and emerging. Emphasis is placed on the development and the widest possible application of the environmentally friendly technologies. Graduates know the technology of preparation of drinking water from different sources and processes of wastewater treatment (both municipal and industrial), including the latest trends in these areas. They also know the principles of waste management in compliance with the principle of maximum utilization of various types of waste, and they are familiar with the issue of rational use of renewable energy sources.
Occupational profiles of graduates with examples:
The graduates are supposed to work in developing industry of environmental protection and in all industrial branches in the positions of ecologists, hydraulic engineers, and specialists in air protection and waste treatment; at all levels of state and local administration in control bodies dealing with protection of environment; in laboratories focusing on chemistry and biology of environment; and also in manifold research and educational establishments aimed at protection of environment.
Access to further studies:
The graduates may continue in a doctoral study programme.
Examination regulations, assessment and grading: Examination and assessment regulations
Graduation requirements: A specific number of ECTS credits, diploma thesis, final state examination
Mode of study: combined study
Programme supervisor: prof. RNDr. Milada Vávrová, CSc.
ECTS departmental co-ordinator: prof. Ing. Oldřich Zmeškal, CSc.
Branches (course structure diagrams with ECTS credits):
Year Branch Course structure diagram with credits
no. Abbr. Title (specialisation) Com. Opt. Tot.
1NKCO_CHTOZPChemistry and Technology of Environmental Protection 54660
2NKCO_CHTOZPChemistry and Technology of Environmental Protection 55560