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Study programme

Chemistry and Chemical Technologies

Original title in Czech: Chemie a chemické technologie
Abbreviation: BPCP_CHCHT
Level of course unit: Bachelor's
Faculty: Faculty of Chemistry
Academic year: 2017/2018
Title awarded: Bc.
Qualification awarded: Bc. in the field "Chemistry and Chemical Technologies"
Level of qualification: Bachelor's (1st cycle)
Accredited from: 20.7.2005
Accredited until: 31.8.2019
Specific admission requirements:
Condition for admitting is a completed secondary education.
Specific arrangements for recognition of prior learning:
Not applicable.
Qualification requirements and regulations:
Not applicable.
Profile of the programme:

professionally oriented

Bachelor study programme is designed so as the students could acquire necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for supervision and evaluation of basic environment protection parameters of chemical technologies. The objective of the study program is to provide students with general background in the field of technical chemistry with the focus on consumer chemistry technologies and to train student creativity and independence.
Key learning outcomes:
Graduates acquire basic knowledge and skills including laboratory working skills in the field of technical chemistry with the focus on inorganic, organic, physical and analytical chemistry, and chemical engineering. The above chemistry foundations represent a base for further specialization. Students develop laboratory working skills to advanced level which enables their independent fulfilment of assigned tasks. Graduates are also familiar with the use of modern information technologies in chemical industry (e.g. in technological regulations, calculations, statistical processing and graphical representation and databases) and other related fields like logistics and trade.
Occupational profiles of graduates with examples:
Not applicable.
Access to further studies:
The graduates may continue in a master's study programme.
Examination regulations, assessment and grading: Examination and assessment regulations
Graduation requirements: A specific number of ECTS credits, bachelor's thesis, final state examination
Mode of study: full-time study
Programme supervisor: prof. Ing. Martin Weiter, Ph.D.
ECTS departmental co-ordinator: prof. Ing. Martin Weiter, Ph.D.
Branches (course structure diagrams with ECTS credits):
Year Branch Course structure diagram with credits
no. Abbr. Title (specialisation) Com. Opt. Tot.
1BPCO_SCHConsumer Chemistry 60060
1BPCO_CHTOZPChemistry and Technology of Environmental Protection 60060
1BPCO_CHMNChemistry for Medical Applications 60060
1BPCO_CHMChemistry, Technology and Properties of Materials 60060
2BPCO_SCHConsumer Chemistry 53760
2BPCO_CHTOZPChemistry and Technology of Environmental Protection 60060
2BPCO_CHMNChemistry for Medical Applications 57360
2BPCO_CHMChemistry, Technology and Properties of Materials 60060
3BPCO_SCHConsumer Chemistry 392160
3BPCO_CHTOZPChemistry and Technology of Environmental Protection 431760
3BPCO_CHMNChemistry for Medical Applications 481260
3BPCO_CHMChemistry, Technology and Properties of Materials 431760