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Practical information for short student mobility

Information for outgoing students

Detailed information can be found at:


Information for incoming students at the Faculty of Fine Arts 

Before arriving to the University you should have following documents.

Application form

Fill in the document in block letters and send it to the international department of host faculty. Do not forget to include your e-mail address, passport size photo and your portfolio.

Learning Agreement

Choose appropriate courses or project offered by the faculty or the department you are going to study at. Have the Agreement signed by your home department and university coordinators and send it together with your Application Form to the international department of the host faculty. For more information on the offered courses or projects, contact the faculty coordinator. Both forms should be available at the international office of your home university. If not you can download them from our website.

Information for incoming students to other faculties

All students from other faculties can register through an electronic application.

  • Electronic application                                                             

Once Learning Agreement from host faculty is confirmed, student should print electronic application protocol and e-Learning agreement (Training agreement with work placements), have these documents signed by your home university and send documents by email to the faculty coordinator.

The Deadline for submission of electronic application

- does not apply to the Faculty of Fine Arts

winter semester and whole academic year: 31May
summer semester: 15 November                                                                                      

The Deadline for receipt of both signed documents

winter semester: 30 June
Faculty of Fine Arts in June - 31 May
summer semester: 15 December - except:
Faculty of Fine
Arts - 31 October
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication - 15 November
Faculty of Civil Engineering - 1 December

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