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General description of the institution

Brno University of Technology has status of public higher-education institution, university type. The Czech Technical University was founded in 1899. During more than  hundred years of its existence the number of study areas have increased and at present the Brno University of Technology, as one of technical university in the Czech Republic, covers the whole spectrum of technical disciplines.

With more than 23,000 students, the Brno University of Technology is one of the largest universities in the Czech Republic.

Organisation of studies

The Brno University of Technology provides university education in the following study programmes: Bachelor´s (3 or 4-year, academic title Bc. or BcA.), Master´s (1,5 – 5-year, academic title Ing., Ing.arch. or MgA.), and Doctoral (3 - 4-year, title Ph.D.) in both – full-time and part-time forms. Admission procedure consists of written exam concentrating on interest in relevant field of study and knowledge which corresponds to technical or art discipline. The talent exam is the integral part of admission procedure at Faculty of Architecture and also at Faculty of Fine Arts. Some of the faculties admit excellent students without admission procedure. 
The essential way of education consist of lectures, seminars, ateliers, projects, training, tuition, practical experience, excursions and students´self study. 
It is possible to pass the part of study at partner universities within the international exchange programmes.
It is also possible to study selected study programmes in English, faculties also offer additional courses taught in English. 
Students choose appropriate set of subjects which are required, selective, or elective with necessary number of credits that represent study-load of particular area of study. 

Since the academic year 2004/2005 all graduates from the Bachelor and Master’s study programmes at Brno University of Technology have been provided, free of charge, with a Diploma Supplement.

In 2006, Brno University of Technology was awarded the prestige certificate of European Commission Diploma Supplement Label.

Brno University of Technology has received the ECTS Label and DS Label prestigious awards for 2013 – 2016 in appreciation of its quality as a higher-education institution. It is an appreciation of its correct application of the credit system to all Bachelor's and Master's programmes in line with the objectives of the Bologna process. The DS Label received by BUT certifies that the diploma supplements received by the graduates free of charge are correct. Both the labels certify that BUT meets the strict higher-education criteria imposed by the European Union. They significantly help extend student mobility opening the university to international students.

The ECTS Label is the most prestigious European award in tertiary education certifying the fulfilment of the university's strategic goals in the European higher-education space. It means that Brno University of Technology is prepared to meet all the obligations following from the Bologna Declaration and subsequent international agreements. Using the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) makes the recognition of study at a university abroad more transparent, which directly supports student mobility both within and outside the European higher-education space.

The DS Label testifies that the English-Czech diploma supplement meets the requirements recommended by the European Commission both in terms of its form and content. The supplement has been designed to provide a diploma with additional data enhancing its informative value to make the international academic and professional recognition more just. The supplement includes a full list of the courses a graduate has completed indicating the number of credits on the ECTS scale. Included are also courses taken during study at a foreign university, data on the thesis (Bachelor, Master, PhD), its presentation, state examination, and an overall study evaluation.


One of the most important aims is to accumulate knowledge and apply it for practical purposes. Research activities are focused on projects by the Ministry of Education, grant agencies, international programmes (COST, EUREKA, 6th and 7th Framework Programme, Czech-American and Czech-Austrian cooperation) and many Czech as well as foreign industrial orders. Achievements are appreciated by research institutions and industrial companies (Skoda Auto, Smeral, IBM, ABB, Philips, Flextronics, CEZ, IMOS and other).
Brno University of Technology is involved in activities of several research centers and associations, e.g.:
Aerospace Research Center– FME
Center for Mechanical Engineering and Technology -FME
Research Center of Applied Cybernetics – FEE
Brno University of Technology Association for Biomedical Engineering and Bionics

ECTS Label