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Facilities for special needs students

All the faculties make efforts in order to enable the study of disabled students: Only at the Faculty of Chemistry, the study of disabled students is more difficult as work in chemical laboratory necessitates good health. Computer rooms are barrier free. Barrier free access is also ensured at all other faculties except the Faculty of Fine Arts. The study conditions are adapted to the individual needs of students. Faculties set up individual timetables offering cooperation with the tutor as needed in a particular course. Electronic textbooks and other aids of a multimedia nature are available at most of the faculties; at FEEC, students may follow a laboratory lesson from virtual laboratories, FIT students are offered on-line lectures, students at FME have available improved connection to their home computers to the academic network.

Counselling centre Alfons

Counselling centre Alfons is part of Lifelong Learning Institute at Technical University in Brno. The service is provided to applicants, students and scholars of Technical University in Brno. Counselling service is dedicated especially to students with various handicaps (health, economic or social).

Handicap Counselling:The centre is an all-university workplace for applicants and students with specific study needs – specific learning disabilities; visual and hearing impairment or physical disability; mental health disorders. We provide applicants and students with a variety of services – study conditions adjustment, interpreting and recording services, personal assistance, spatial orientation etc.

Legal Counselling: We provide free legal and social-legal counselling. A lawyer provides consultations personally in the centre. We focus on legal relationships, criminal law, consumer rights and social security welfare.

EEG Biofeedback: A very efficient, study-and-practice proved method for performance training of neural system. The method works with human EEG and is based on biologic feedback. The training effectively eliminates concentration and sleep disorders, stress effects, reduces learning disabilities, depressions or it can be used as training of mental fitness.

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