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Course detail

English - Intermediate Level I

Course unit code: FA-BA3
Academic year: 2010/2011
Type of course unit: compulsory-optional
Level of course unit: Bachelor's (1st cycle)
Year of study: 2
Semester: summer
Number of ECTS credits:
Learning outcomes of the course unit:
General Vocabulary: international fairs, at a conference, personal information file, professional lifestyles, telephoning, holiday and travel life, business trips, staying at a hotel, eating out, jobs, CVs, job interview · Civil Engineering English (titles of articles:
Mode of delivery:
90 % face-to-face, 10 % distance learning
Level of knowledge of Faculty of Achitecture graduate.
Not applicable.
Recommended optional programme components:
Not applicable.
Course contents (annotation):
Grammar: present simple (2), wh-questions, present simple or continuous, past simple, comparative and superlative adjectives, mass and count nouns, some/any, a lot of/many/much, past simple or present perfect simple
Recommended or required reading:
C.Oxenden, Ch.Latham-Koenig: New English File – Intermediate (EN)
aktuální literatura a texty související s tématem
Planned learning activities and teaching methods:
Teaching methods depend on the type of course unit as specified in the article 7 of BUT Rules for Studies and Examinations.
Assesment methods and criteria linked to learning outcomes:
The student gains credit for successful test passing in the end of the term
Language of instruction:
Work placements:
Not applicable.
Course curriculum:
1. Introductory lesson2. L 13. L 1, 24. L 25. L 2, 36. L 3,47. L 4,stop and check8. L 59. L 5,610. L 611. L 712. L7,Review13. Test
Grammar: present and past simple, personal and possessive adjectives, this, that, these, those, some, any, how many, possessive´s, modal verbs, prepositions of place and time, plural nouns, articles (1), numbers (1)
Specification of controlled education, way of implementation and compensation for absences:
The teaching takes 2 lessons a week and lasts one half-year term.

Type of course unit:

Language exercise: 26 hours, compulsory
Teacher / Lecturer: doc. Ing. arch. Iva Poslušná, Ph.D.

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