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Course detail

Redevelopment of Buildings

Course unit code: FA-SAS
Academic year: 2010/2011
Type of course unit: compulsory-optional
Level of course unit: Bachelor's (1st cycle)
Year of study: 4
Semester: winter
Number of ECTS credits:
Learning outcomes of the course unit:
Knowledge of methods of strengthening wood, metal, concrete and masonry structures, and fondations. Statical investigation of buildings, extension of durability.
Mode of delivery:
90 % face-to-face, 10 % distance learning
Knowledge of basics of designing bearing structures.
Not applicable.
Recommended optional programme components:
Not applicable.
Course contents (annotation):
Static investigation of the building, its definition, and working out static expert's opinions. Diagnostic investigation of concrete structures.
Load bearing capacity of supporting structures. Loading tests.
Evaluation of possible modification of a building in order to improve its condition, or for a new function. Analysis of possible errors made under reconstruction, and their rectification.
Strengthening of supporting structures and structural elements ( foundations; wood, metal, masonry and concrete structures).
Extension of durability with view to economics.
Recommended or required reading:
ČSN 73 0038 Přestavby budov (CS)
Witzany, J.: Poruchy a rekonstrukce zděných budov, ČKAIT, Praha, 2000 (CS)
Witzany, J.: Poruchy a rekonstrukce staveb I , ČVUT, Praha, 1990 (CS)
Witzany, J.: Poruchy a rekonstrukce staveb II , ČVUT, Praha, 1995 (CS)
Planned learning activities and teaching methods:
Teaching methods depend on the type of course unit as specified in the article 7 of BUT Rules for Studies and Examinations.
Assesment methods and criteria linked to learning outcomes:
Point assessment, summary of results of work in the semester (20 - 40 points) and final oral exam (30 - 60 points).
Language of instruction:
Work placements:
Not applicable.
Course curriculum:
Static inquiry object and his exercise at proposal saving
Stavebně technical inquiry object like basis of saving
Individual sanační techniques
Swell countries
Swell brick construction
Swell concrete construction
Swell metal construction
Swell wooden construction
Stripping terrestrial dampness and his influence over bearing construction
Safeguard objects at built-in antenna (e.g . soil)
Safeguard object at change load
Provisional safeguard objects
Preservation objects
Cutting objects
Gaining knowledge of methods of strengthening defective bearing structures with view to their new use and to the cost of reconstruction works.
Specification of controlled education, way of implementation and compensation for absences:
It is the student's duty to attend at least 70 % of lessons. Missed lessons can be made up for only by arrangemnet with the teacher.

Type of course unit:

26 hours, compulsory
Teacher / Lecturer: doc. Ing. Ivana Žabičková, CSc.

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