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Course detail

Diploma Seminar II (M-MAI)

Course unit code: FSI-SDS
Academic year: 2016/2017
Type of course unit: compulsory
Level of course unit: Master's (2nd cycle)
Year of study: 2
Semester: summer
Number of ECTS credits:
Learning outcomes of the course unit:
Students will gain experience in presenting mathematical results. It may then be used by students when presenting their diploma theses (during the State Exam) or results at scientific conferences, etc.
Mode of delivery:
90 % face-to-face, 10 % distance learning
Students are expected to have certain knowledge acquired when working out the diploma project.
Not applicable.
Recommended optional programme components:
Not applicable.
Course contents (annotation):
In the course of the seminars, students report (in a form of a thirty-minute lecture) on their results obtained in working out the diploma theses.
Recommended or required reading:
Diplomové práce studentů oboru Matematické inženýrství
Diplomové práce jednotlivých studentů
Diploma Theses of individual students of the study branch "Mathematical Engineering"
Planned learning activities and teaching methods:
The course is taught through exercises which are focused on practical topics presented in lectures.
Assesment methods and criteria linked to learning outcomes:
There is no exam. Students will be awarded a course-unit credit on condition of having attended the seminars actively and reported the diploma theses.
Language of instruction:
Work placements:
Not applicable.
Course curriculum:
Not applicable.
The goal of the seminar is to teach students about how to present mathematical results to a broader (mathematical) audience. This will prepare them for their performance during the defence of the diploma theses.
Specification of controlled education, way of implementation and compensation for absences:
The presence will be checked. Absence will be allowed in justified case - to compensate it, students will be required to get acquainted with the diploma theses whose presentation they missed.

Type of course unit:

seminars: 26 hours, compulsory
Teacher / Lecturer: prof. RNDr. Josef Šlapal, CSc.
Syllabus: 1.-13.: In every week, one seminar will be organized at which individual students will refer their diploma theses in such a way that all students will be given one chance during the semester. The theses will be discussed by the audience immediately after they are referred.

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