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Branch detail

Architecture of Building Construction

Original title in Czech: Architektura pozemních staveb
Abbreviation: APS
Specialisation: -
Length of Study: 4 years
Programme: Architecture of Building Structures
Faculty: Faculty of Civil Engineering
Academic year: 2018/2019
Accredited from: 19.7.2004
Accredited until: 31.8.2023
Profile of the branch:
The aim of the Bachelor’s study programme Architecture of Building Construction is to provide basic universal education in the field of the architecture of building construction. Emphasis is placed on providing a grounding in the realization of high quality buildings, in attention to architectural and engineering detail and in the ability to translate the conceptual basis of a structure into the appropriate project documentation.
Key learning outcomes:
Graduates will have gained knowledge from the field of the architecture of building construction – the natural sciences, specialised and architectural subjects, etc. Furthermore, in the 8th semester students undergo a 13-week work placement at a certified architect’s office. The final bachelor’s thesis takes the form of a complex project involving the transfer of a conceptual architectural study previously created by students during their design studio classes into detailed documentation for all relevant aspects of the realization of the building. A tutor - architect and specialists from the engineering disciplines are involved in supervision of the project. The project demonstrates the graduates’ ability to apply their knowledge within the full range of architectural and engineering contexts and confirms their full employability in the fulfilment of tasks required from the employee of a design office.
Occupational profiles of graduates with examples:
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Branch supervisor: doc. Ing. arch. Antonín Odvárka, Ph.D.

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