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BUT offers structured tertiary-level education in the following types of studies: Bachelor’s programmes (3-4 years, ending with the titles Bc. or BcA), Master’s programmes (1.5-2 years, ending with the titles Ing., Ing. arch. or MgA) and doctoral programmes (3-4 years, ending with the title PhD). Studies may be pursued full-time (“on-site“) or in combined form.

The traditional fields of study are civil, mechanical and electrotechnical engineering, architecture, business and management, the fine arts and information technology.

The entrance procedures in most cases include a written test focused on the applicant’s interest in the particular field of study and his or her knowledge in the relevant technical or artistic discipline. Part of the entrance examination at the Faculties of Fine Arts and Architecture and in some fields of study at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Faculty of Business and Management is a talent-focused examination. Some faculties admit students with outstanding secondary school results or students who have been successful in student Olympiads and other selected secondary school competitions without entrance examinations.

The basic forms of teaching are lectures, seminars, studio work, projects, classwork, consultations, work placements, excursions and individual work.

Within the framework of international exchange programmes, some part of studies can be carried out at partner universities abroad. BUT has general bilateral agreements with many universities around the globe. It participates in EU and other European educational programmes such as Erasmus, CEEPUS and Leonardo da Vinci.

Selected fields may be studied in English, while all faculties offer individual courses in English. Students choose for themselves an appropriate assortment of required, selective and elective courses, each with a certain number of credits reflecting its difficulty.

The academic year is dividend into winter and summer semesters, each generally comprising 14 weeks of teaching and five weeks set aside for examinations.

As one of the elite technical and research universities BUT has received prestigious  ECTS Label a DS Label.