study programme

Power Engineering

Original title in Czech: Energetické inženýrstvíFaculty: FMEAbbreviation: D-ENE-PAcad. year: 2020/2021

Type of study programme: Doctoral

Study programme code: P0713D070005

Degree awarded: Ph.D.

Language of instruction: Czech

Accreditation: 18.2.2020 - 18.2.2030

Mode of study

Full-time study

Standard study length

4 years

Programme supervisor

Doctoral Board

Fields of education

Area Topic Share [%]
Energetics 100

Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

1. year of study, winter semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
9KVTBoilers and Heat Exchangerscs, en0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9MKPFEM in Engineering Computationscs0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9MESEnergy System Modelingcs0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9NM1Numerical Mathematics Ics, en0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9OMPOptimization - Mathematical Programmingcs0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9MZOComputer Methods of Image Processingcs, en0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9PAFAdvanced use of ANSYS FLUENTcs, en0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9PEXControlling the Experiment by PCcs, en0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9STAStatistical Analysiscs, en0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9TETThermal Turbomachinescs, en0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
1. year of study, summer semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
9AMKAnalytical Mechanics and Mechanics of Continuumcs, en0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9DRSDynamics of Rotor Systemscs, en0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9NM2Numerical Methods IIcs, en0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
1. year of study, both semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
9AJEnglish for Doctoral Degree Studyen0CompulsoryDrExCj - 60yes
9APHApplied Hydrodynamicscs, en0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9ATHApplied Thermomechanicscs, en0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9EAEEnergy and Emissionscs0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9FLIFluid Engineeringcs, en0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9MOPMethodologies of Scientific Workcs0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9PTLHeat and Mass Transfercs, en0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9SVCComputer Aided Design in Chemical Engineeringcs0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9TPZHeat Transfer Processescs0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9TPATransformation Technologies of Solid Fuelscs0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9VAHVibrations and Noisecs, en0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes
9VMTComputational Modeling of the Turbulent Flowcs, en0RecommendedDrExP - 20yes